BitTorrent Download

If you have a BitTorrent program installed, your download should start automatically. You can also try this link to the torrent file for Show 389:


Suggested Software

You need a BitTorrent program to download this file. Some good choices include the official BitTorrent client, uTorrent and Azureus.

For Best Results...

After the file is downloaded: You should leave the BitTorrent program open and continue to share the file. Most programs will tell you how much you have uploaded vs. how much you downloaded. Usually there's a ratio displayed; we suggest you continue sharing until at least a ratio of 1.5 (meaning you were generous and uploaded a bit more than you downloaded).

Helping Us Out

If your BitTorrent program handles multiple transfers (like Azureus or uTorrent) and you have some bandwidth to spare, please keep seeding as long and as many shows as possible! Your generosity enables us to keep offering WEFUNK in a high-quality format. Thanks!

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