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Shuffle 5 matches

Show 532

Show 532: Firing up the "funk box": WEFUNK digs into some of the earliest drum machine funk, some recent Swedish Afrobeat from Sofi Hellborg and a Sly Stone/LL Cool J sample moment. Plus a slice of Montreal flavor, from the infectious synth funk of Tony Ezzy and Payz Play to Corey E's poetic musing.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Tony Ezzy, Corey

Show 478

Show 478: DJ Skeptik serves up indie gold from the likes of Rasco, Artifacts, Afu-Ra, Styles Infinite & Lone Catalysts. On the funk side, some uncut dope from The Wild Magnolias, Cross Bronx Expressway, Cane & Able, and brand new tracks from LA's Orgone and Montreal's Michelle Sweeney (featuring Bernard Purdie).
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Skeptik, Corey, Seanice

Show 401

Show 401: Static lays down an hour of late 70s/early 80s funk, disco & boogie then gets into an hour of hip-hop starting off with new joints by the Fugees, the Alkaholiks, Talib & DOOM, and a new track featuring Nomadic Massive's own Wyzah.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Nesha, Corey

Show 380

Show 380: Grimy hip-hop, dancehall remixes, raw early 70s grit to struttin' mid-70s funk, plus new tracks from Camp Lo, Saigon & Kool G Rap, and R.A. the Rugged Man.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Corey, Jesse Walker, Seanice

Show 370

Show 370: Featuring a Furious 5 tribute, exclusive Kardinal Offishal, funk from the new Cold Heat comp, live rhymes & beatbox.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Corey, Tony Ezzy, Funky Chef, Porn Star, Think Twice
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