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Show 1146

Show 1146: DJ Leg1oner homes in on his favorite hip-hop across eras with new school mayhem from JID, Logic and Joey Valence & Brae and stone cold classics from GZA and Main Source. Plus luminous neo-soul from Hong Kong’s R.I.D.D.E.M., a mind-melting groove by Bravuda, and free-flowing funk from Toronto titans Soul Motivators and Tanika Charles.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Leg1oner

Show 1009

Show 1009: DJ Leg1oner vibes out with luscious tracks from Datsunn and Otis Junior, then summons the breaks with custom edits and rhythmic fury from Rusya Jam Crew and Tutu Au Mic. Plus golden soul retouches by Platurn and DJ A-L, majestic funk by the Mighty Mocambos, punchy positivity from THE PLAYlist & Mumu Fresh, and the triumphant return of Gang Starr.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Leg1oner
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