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firebelly Jul 28, 2020
Chiming in from mixcloud, that Lucy Pearl x Janet remix is SWEET AS. Love it!
mrtn ksr Jun 29, 2020
very nice !

DJ Static Jun 24, 2020
That Biggie remix is a release by Moar. It's available at bandcamp
Minks Jun 23, 2020
What is that biggie “Going back to Cali” remix? Fantastic take on a classic cover of a classic track.

Show 1034

DJ Moar strikes gold with classic sounds from El Da Sensei, Frankenstein, The Vibe Drops, Rita J and more. Plus Murs' heartfelt salute to PUTS, no frills rawness from Nottz & Umse, a sky high Red & Meth blend, and a toast to the superb soul of Bonnie Pointer.

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Moar / RECORDED June 19, 2020 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • d.j. platurn & edgewize - yada yada
  • talk (over nutty p. - or four)
  • umse & nottz - perfekter zeitpunkt
  • oddisee feat. kingpen slim - anticipation
  • murs - flowers for people under the stairs
  • jarreau vandal - kombucha burps
  • moar feat. sadat x. & el da sensei - destroying the track   (start of moar's 1st set)
  • bee why - the boros
  • main source - vamos a rapiar
  • big l. - m.v.p. (remix)
  • black moon feat. general steele & method man - ease back
  • frankenstein - what does it all mean
  • ace & edo feat. large pro - fans
  • slick rick - it's a boy (remix)   (end of moar's 1st set)
  • redman & method man - how high (blend with azymuth - unknown song for mario telles)
  • al charles - outstanding
  • eric lau - harmonics?
  • fred simon feat. amalia - another picture (buscrates remix)
  • professor groove x lucy x janet x sylvia x young pulse - give me a dance with a nasty boy
  • augusto martelli - l'oracolo di delpho
  • laurent bardaine - porsche 944 (the vibe drops remix)   (start of moar's 2nd set)
  • moar feat. rita j. - party people (fly mix)
  • moar - d.d.
  • m.c. serch feat. chubb rock, red hot lover tone & nas - back to the grill
  • aldorande - summer body
  • erick cosaque - guadeloupe, île de mes amours
  • lord funk & moar - corcovado   (end of moar's 2nd set)
  • pointer sisters - yes we can can
  • pointer sisters - how long (betcha' got a chick on the side)
  • talk (over pointer sisters - don't it drive you crazy)
  • bonnie pointer - free me from my freedom
  • pointer sisters - pinball number count (d.j. food re-edit)

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