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Adam Dec 1, 2020
Sunsa Oct 8, 2020
Crazy cool set by BLVD!
Geronimo Sep 14, 2020
Great set! Merci :)
MarktheMartian Aug 7, 2020
Mancini caught my ear! cool deal guys.
ERIC Jul 29, 2020

Show 1039

Frank BLVD goes on a wild caper through some of the funkiest vintage TV scores with the Bionic Woman, Shaft, The Amazing Spiderman and more. Plus shimmering 80s cuts from BB&Q Band and Cherrelle, a sisterly salute from Rapsody, cracking revamps by Lord Finesse and DJ Fleg and defiant soul from the Harlem Gospel Travelers.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Frank BLVD / RECORDED July 24, 2020 / HOSTING Mike, PJ, Oliver & daduke. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • harlem gospel travelers - fight on!
  • talk (over people's choice - a mellow mood)
  • napoleon demps - norma jean
  • sandpebbles - if you didn't hear me the first time (i'll say it again)
  • erma franklin - open up your soul
  • music from "clerow wilson's great escape" t.v. movie   (start of frank blvd's 1st set)
  • joe harnell - jaime doped   (from "the bionic woman" t.v. series)
  • music from "stoned" a.b.c. afterschool special
  • johnny pate - at the club   (from "shaft" t.v. series)
  • johnny pate - dawson's trial   (from "shaft" t.v. series)
  • johnny pate - juke box   (from "shaft" t.v. series)
  • music from "the amazing spider man" t.v. series
  • johnny pate - pimps   (from "shaft" t.v. series)
  • joe harnell - m301/302   (from "the bionic woman" t.v. series)
  • theme from "the hudson brothers razzle dazzle show" t.v. series
  • music from "the fat albert halloween special"
  • alan hawkshaw - studio 69   (theme from "dave allen at large")
  • morton stevens - blues trip   (from "hawaii 5-0" t.v. soundtrack)
  • theme from "fish" t.v. series
  • bob's band - score   (theme from "monday night football")
  • morton stevens - front street   (from "hawaii 5-0" t.v. soundtrack)
  • rhythm heritage - theme from s.w.a.t.
  • lalo schifrin - more mission   (from "mission impossible" t.v. soundtrack)
  • henry mancini - baretta's theme (keep your eye on the sparrow)
  • henry mancini - police woman
  • music from "zoom it!" mattel toy commercial
  • music from channel 4 chicago sign-off   (end of frank blvd's 1st set)
  • d.j. fleg - brazilian rhyme (fleg cover version)
  • klaus layer feat. kunal - salamander
  • radio citizen - opium
  • w.d.r.e. - make 'em clap to this
  • sound providers - pacific vibrations
  • common wonder - the light (i'm yours)
  • marvin gaye - i want you (underboss remix)
  • naima - you never had a love like mine   (start of frank blvd's 2nd set)
  • b.b.&q. band - genie
  • kathy buck - don't beat around the bush
  • loose ends - magic touch
  • cherrelle - when you look in my eyes
  • enois scroggins feat. carmen - take your time
  • gwen guthrie - thrill me
  • lillo thomas - (you're a) good girl
  • spirit catcher - motown spring   (end of frank blvd's 2nd set)
  • rapsody feat. p.j. morton - afeni
  • jill scott - blessed
  • talk (over 92 colby - finesse)
  • potatohead people feat. t3, illa j. & kapok - what it feels like
  • kid abstrakt & emapea - airplane mode

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