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Durte Dec 23, 2023
Some of these blends are FIERCE. Dj Dibaise went IN.
matbox Dec 15, 2023
Always on top !!
gillian s. Dec 14, 2023
amazing show <3
Nordynord Dec 13, 2023
Real DEAL!!

Show 1186

DJ DiBiase brings the ruckus with live-wire blends of Wu-Tang, Big L, Redman and a grip of golden era greats. Plus brand new heat from NYC legend The One Chadio, deep thoughts with Satisfaction Unlimited, and feverish disco dreams from Dean Anderson and Black Truffle.

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, DJ DiBiase / RECORDED December 8, 2023 / HOSTING Oliver, Mike, daduke & PJ. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • the one chadio - rhyme beast animal
  • talk (over cru - pronto instrumental)
  • nas - thun
  • apathy - one man army
  • sol messiah feat. sa-roc - roc steady
  • mos def feat. talib kweli - know that
  • d.j. jazzy jeff feat. jean grae - supa jean
  • inspectah deck - quiet rec room storm (dibiase blend)   (start of dibiase's 1st set)
  • method man - i got my peer presure (dibiase blend)
  • ghostface killah - straighten out black jesus (dibiase blend)
  • redman feat. method man - do what ya feel is tight (dibiase blend)
  • ol' dirty bastard - brooklyn tru master (dibiase blend)
  • big pun - front lines is tres leches (dibiase blend)
  • wu-tang clan - as high as gorilla monsoon (dibiase blend)
  • ghostface killah - nutmeg & all spice (dibiase blend)
  • g.z.a. - crush on shadowboxin (dibiase blend)
  • wu-tang clan - put you on the heaterz (dibiase blend)
  • raekwon - ice cream jig is up (dibiase blend)
  • g.z.a. - runaway to a cold world (dibiase blend)
  • wu-tang clan - cash still rules the n.y. state of mind (dibiase blend)
  • wu-tang clan - projects state of mind pt 2 (dibiase blend)   (end of dibiase's 1st set)
  • alan parker & william parrish - main chance
  • j.j. johnson - pull, jubal, pull
  • chairmen of the board - all we need is understanding
  • curtis mayfield - ain't no love lost
  • kutimangoes - song for fela
  • khruangbin - evan finds the third room
  • satisfaction unlimited - why do you keep on asking those foolish questions
  • souleance - french cassette
  • nine - redrum where i'm from   (start of dibiase's 2nd set)
  • o.c. - ozone
  • o.c. - me or the ozone (dibiase blend)
  • big l. feat. kid capri - put it on (beat junkie sound edit)
  • big l. - put black cowbows on (dibiase blend)
  • redman - fire is on fire (dibiase blend)
  • notorious b.i.g. - royalty is the limit (dibiase blend)
  • 2pac - old school nostalgia (dibiase blend)
  • nas - if i ruled the world in real life (dibiase blend)
  • channel live - mad izm wontime (dibiase blend)
  • k.r.s.-one - sound of da police (bonus siren beat)
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - skinz
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - check the skinz (dibiase blend)
  • a tribe called quest - god lives through
  • a tribe called quest - god lives through tearz good (dibiase blend)
  • black moon - act like u 2 deep (dibiase blend)
  • black moon - shame on those who ack like they want it (dibiase blend)
  • e.p.m.d. - can't hear nothing but insp-her-ation (dibiase blend)
  • k.r.s.-one - that's when ya lost hip hop (dibiase blend)   (end of dibiase's 2nd set)
  • mixed generation enterprize - take to the sky
  • edwards generation - i like your style (al kent remix)
  • ben - i would have to be a fool
  • talk (over potion - showstopper (related forms edit))
  • another taste - don't touch it
  • dee dee bridgewater - bad for me (dean anderson dubstrumental edit)
  • black truffle - spa dance

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