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arne Feb 20, 2012
this is the best show with hardly find records an a very good mix from all genres we like so to say funk it
bk Aug 21, 2011
Archive? I love it!Happy B Day :-)
dj ceil Aug 12, 2010
Slovakia on line. In Funk We trust.
dj ceil Aug 12, 2010
mighty mighty....ouch, baby!
bobstar May 17, 2010
yo rockinshow man i was just peepin the archive and....wefunk have always brought the purest funk and hiphop...!
505 thats new mexico... thre are a bunch of funk djs and dust diggers out here feelin yall so keep it up!!

GSpot Feb 11, 2009
That some nice scratching at the schooly d and at the end of the playlist who did it?

Abdul Smooth Feb 10, 2006
Who was cutting up that schooly d track!?!?! Static - was that you? Good bloody shite man!
dj FUNK FROG (BRAZIL) Jan 19, 2006
amo wefunk radio super cooll......

Jez Aug 2, 2005
This show is killer, we funk here in AZ while we're supposed t be working... Shhhhhhh.
le coq May 21, 2005
ollah! that booty part at the beginning makes us shake over here in central europe! just lovin that "Impeach the president" track. Big props! Feel so goood can't stop smilin.
Chris Nov 4, 2004
What's the last song of this show?

ANTOY Oct 11, 2004
What's da song before this one?
mike D Nov 3, 2002
i'd just like to add that its the first time i've heard herbie hancocks chameleon on radio - and i totallly recommend da album
mike D Nov 3, 2002
this one is tootally funky cool best one ever
mike D Nov 3, 2002
this one is tootally funky cool best one ever
[bv] Nov 28, 2001
Just found this webcast in my itunes radio tuner. Just want to give props on the programming all day. Is the there any place I can get playlists of these shows? loving it.
thanks again

Jace Nov 6, 2001
Cool show -- lots of stuff I haven't
heard before. Thought I heard AWB
earlier, which is a stretch even for
Internet Radio. I would love to
have a list of tracks from this show!
I'm hearing a lot of cool grooves I'd
like to own.

Keynaan Oct 10, 2001
Professor Groove you really FUNK IT UP,FUNK HEARD and LIVELY thanks for making it happen. DJ Static thanks for playing Pete
Rock "Fake Jacks". Over all the Show was the BOOOOOOMMM!!!

Show 200

A 200th show celebration - a studio packed with MCs, beatboxers, and party people

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Abdominal, Omera, Olaf, Rawgged, Jube, Spade, Brandi, Staav, Sanny, Nick / RECORDED September 7, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING daopossum / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • baby huey & the babysitters - mighty mighty
  • talk (over jemini the gifted one - funk soul sensation instrumental, unknown instrumental)
  • nautilus - record making manual
  • masta ace incorporated - i.n.c. ride
  • guru & angie stone - keep your worries
  • i.n.i. - fakin jax
  • redman - whateva man
  • jurassic 5 - jayou
  • pleasure web - music man pt. ii
  • whole darn family - seven minutes of funk
  • honey drippers - impeach the president
  • herbie hancock - chameleon
  • gang starr - just to get a rep
  • gang starr - just to get a rep (blend with gang starr - code of the streets instrumental)
  • masterminds - seven
  • k.m.d. - what a nigga know
  • schoolly d. - psk what does it mean
  • labi siffre - i got the (blues)
  • meters - just kissed my baby
  • live freestyles (abdominal, spade, omeara, olaf)
  • kool & the gang - kool it (here comes the fuzz)
  • house guests - what so never the dance
  • live freestyles & beatbox (rawgged, jube, mystifeye)
  • twin hype - do it to the crowd (instrumental)
  • pharoahe monch - behind closed doors (instrumental)
  • live freestyles & beatbox (abdominal, olaf, jube)
  • erule - the real me (instrumental)
  • rawgged - thin line (live)
  • talk (over pete rock & c.l. smooth - t.r.o.y. remix instrumental)

This playlist is courtesy of the WEFUNK Playlist Project. Thanks to Johnathan James & Nicolas for their work in putting this playlist together.

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