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G-Clamp Dec 1, 2013
scenario with `93 til infinity, wow, awesome
jammie Dec 24, 2008
going back through the archives ( at present on show 540ish) this one is the best of an outstanding choice.
CuBa Nov 13, 2007
props from Estonia !
deffenetly you guys dont know oure language but check it out ! Peace

Alex May 14, 2007
Great god damn' electric - love you!
sophie Dec 21, 2006
ich habs schon ein par mal gesagt, kann es jedoch nicht lassen: danke
ich sitz immer zu hause an meinem schnittprogramm und zerleg die scheiße. jetzt weiß ich schon viel mehr.

duisburg_83 Oct 9, 2006
the greatest show on earth! its unbelievable!!! cant get enough from this monster mixes ...
milosh Jun 16, 2004
from Europe say super funk
CIB from north carolina Nov 23, 2003
WHAT WAS THE SONG AFTER GLACIERS OF ICE???!?!?!?! It was sooooo good. heads were noddin.
M@ Aug 7, 2002
keep it up...right up...

valloslobos Dec 15, 2001
Sickest show so far.....mad props!!!
Professor Groove Nov 19, 2001
Drew -- I think you'll probably enjoy the funk in shows 201 or, say 197 if you're looking for rawer, early 70s stuff. As for playlists, we're not able to do that for each show yet but we're working on it. In the meantime send us an email and I'm happy to ID tracks for you (I think that digging secrecy stuff is BS too). And here's some soap -- start chewing. Peace...
DrewDMT Nov 18, 2001
The funk tracks on this playlist are gay as hell. Its like late 70's disco funk bullshit. You guys are dope when it comes to your ear for hiphop but as far as funk is concerned you guys are big fags. Also why dont you post your playlist like you say you do on your little thing on winamp radio. Are you scared of giving out your digging secrets of your gay ass funk tracks. You guys are pussys
Devmeister Nov 15, 2001
I hear what you saying George.
jean Nov 9, 2001
super ye ye .............
George Nov 9, 2001
Loved them oldies! Just wish I could see the titles of the songs, and band names.
scv Nov 7, 2001
from Germany:
nte Oct 25, 2001
from Finland and i say... YouFunk ;)

Show 203

The usual mix, including some soulful and electronic funk along with hip-hop doubles and a WeFunk sample moment(tm)

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Sanny, Nick / RECORDED September 28, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING carls / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • l.l. cool j. - goin' back to cali
  • talk (over raekwon - glaciers of ice instrumental)
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - mecca and the soul brother (remix)
  • aceyalone - mic check
  • aceyalone - accepted eclectic
  • original flavor - can i get open?
  • ohio players - runnin' from the devil
  • bobby patterson - quiet! do not disturb (while i'm making love)
  • war - me and baby brother
  • fred wesley & the j.b.'s - i'm paying taxes, what am i buying
  • kool keith - seein' objects
  • d.j. aladdin - the track
  • fearless four - rockin' it!
  • peanut butter wolf - the chronicles (i will always love h.e.r.)
  • kool g. rap & d.j. polo - it's a demo
  • a tribe called quest - scenario
  • souls of mischief - 93 'til infinity
  • brand nubian - wake up
  • ohio players - far east mississippi
  • o'jays - give the people what they want
  • brides of funkenstein - disco to go
  • natalie cole - sophisticated lady
  • bootsy's rubber band - the pinocchio theory
  • k-solo - fugitive (back and forth with grover washington jr. - knucklehead)
  • twin hype - do it to the crowd
  • de la soul - jenifa taught me
  • king curtis - instant groove
  • brother to brother - in the bottle
  • talk (over naomi davis & the knights of 41st street - 41st street breakdowne)
  • lee fields - steam train

This playlist is courtesy of the WEFUNK Playlist Project. Thanks to Johnathan James, Gabor van Haren, Rachel C & Alan Gilmor for their work in putting this playlist together.

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