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Brookhawk May 20, 2021
Bumping this show. [Fire}
Hawkwell Nov 27, 2018
Fresh Prince w/ Ready Rock C is still one of the best straight up live Beatbox MC performances..
elbefa Mar 7, 2012
miss direct from france... your web radio are very very good vibes ^^good good work
Tone Oct 26, 2011
I listen to WEFUNK every morning. Its the right combination of jazz soul and of course hip hop. I havent heard much BLUES I think it would come in clean with some of the tracks yall paly. keep up the good work, one love
Remco Jul 29, 2011
whoaaa, onyx, brand nubian and then Kool G Rap.......makes me bop my head like 15 years ago
Toppcelebrity May 3, 2011
desislava May 3, 2011
just love it! thanks!
Maximo.. Aug 7, 2010
I can't hear anything, and no, my speakers are not broken.
rbirri Oct 25, 2009
Listening to this show on the live stream right now. It goes straight to my fav list !
jvgraph Apr 27, 2009
Yo WEFUNK you guys put some work into this show with way more tracks then a regular show thanks.
J.-D. Jun 26, 2008
*midnightheory* Nov 27, 2007
What up from sunny south florida! gotta love the archival 'tings a gwaan! what a dope set, killing it-- seriously. Selecta give it to me, selecta give it to me!!! Thanks as always!
cler Aug 5, 2006
oh-my, oh-my. i love this set! greetz and thanks from estonia once again =)
Dburch Oct 7, 2005
Loving this old-school rap. Giving me a fast track back to my high school daze! Keep it coming
cjg Jan 23, 2005
Thanks for the solid funk. I'm spreading the word in Alaska. Selection, technical talent and, most important, STYLE make me tune you in all the time. Much appreciated.
accomplice Dec 26, 2004
When Static dropped Ready Rock C and Fresh Prince performing live on Rock the House my jaw dropped as I was brought back to the days of 1987; this set made my year. Respect as always to the masters of funk, Static and the groovy Professor.
Marc S Dec 15, 2004
Just a breif compliment

Norbert & Carine (louloute) Dec 10, 2004
De la pure bombe Old school bien Funky soul
deezenutz Nov 17, 2004
Funkin Bombastic set on my pc right now... Prof Groove and DJ Static have done it again... much respect from D-town Delaware USA If I turn it up any louder I'll prolly get fired... This shiz takes me back and back and back till it feels like I'm not even at work. Thanks from the bottom of Deeze
alli g Oct 13, 2004
this show kills. 1:35 in and not a skip.
MartyMall007, LA, Ca. Sep 27, 2004
Keep BRINGing da NOIZE!! NonstOp Action!
Ya'll Heard!!@#$

Aton Sep 20, 2004
je viens juste de me connecte et au premier morceau du pur old funk avec des petites derives bebop ou electro... un vrai petit bijou pour mon premier cafe matin de la semaine, on dirait fela kuti tellement ca tient la class!
cib Sep 14, 2004
yo, this show is banging fo' real. Funkin awesome. One love.
sinus Sep 11, 2004
you guys know the drill, right on! keep up the good vibe! Peace for all,
a French dude

jacksonVTr Sep 10, 2004
f-n unbelievable shit
thank you for bringing it to
the north woods
much respect from VT

dj onenine Sep 10, 2004
as usual ya know ya representing
bigups from down south. New orleans, the city that care forgot....

nnyy Sep 10, 2004
Cool vibes hits Tokyo like a damn typhoon! No doubt!
Big up from far east.
We survive with you!
Freak the funk!

HazMat Sep 9, 2004
Damn Hot!
Keep on bringin' tha vibes to Paris!

MC dolabil Sep 6, 2004
The show was the Motherf##king heard...yo keep it coming son!!!
Peace in the middle east!

Show 346

A bonus double-length show, including 80s hip-hop joints, driving funk grooves and some deep, soulful selections.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED September 3, 2004 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • dynamic corvettes - funky music is the thing
  • talk (over johnny hammond - star borne)
  • tribe - baby feet
  • soul searchers - it's all in your mind
  • johnny pate - you can't even walk in the park
  • james brown - escape-ism
  • equals - funky like a train
  • quantic soul orchestra - pushin' on
  • l.l. cool j. - rock the bells
  • run-d.m.c. - sucka m.c.'s
  • fearless four - rockin' it
  • d.j. jazzy jeff & the fresh prince - rock the house
  • biz markie - biz is goin' off
  • run-d.m.c. - proud to be black
  • hank ballard - from the love side
  • roy ayers - boogie back (professor groove edit)
  • daktaris - in the middle
  • les mccann - the morning song
  • harvey averne dozen - you're no good
  • trinikas - remember me
  • les baxter - hogin' machine
  • wild magnolias - corey died on the battlefield
  • e.p.m.d. - big payback
  • onyx - shiftee
  • brand nubian - punks jump up to get beat down
  • kool g. rap & d.j. polo - it's a demo
  • james brown - funky drummer (bonus beat reprise)
  • pharcyde - officer
  • boogie down productions - jack of spades
  • nice & smooth - hip hop junkies
  • a tribe called quest - push it along
  • talk (over public enemy - give it up instrumental)
  • city news - bustin' up
  • chain reaction - hogtied
  • asha puthli - space talk
  • azymuth - dear limmertz
  • del tha funkee homosapien - don't forget
  • ultramagnetic m.c.'s - ego trippin'
  • d-nice - call me d-nice
  • super lover cee & casanova rud - girls i got 'em locked
  • fresh 3 m.c.'s - fresh
  • fat boys - stick 'em
  • headhunters - god make me funky
  • carleen & the groovers - can we rap
  • black heat - m&m's
  • funk inc. - bowlegs
  • lalo schifrin - ape shuffle
  • fred wesley & the j.b.'s - i'm paying taxes, what am i buying
  • bohannon - save their souls
  • black moon - stay real
  • saukrates - get touched
  • rascalz - top of the world
  • hi-tek feat. common & vinia mojica - the sun god
  • willmatic - surround surveillance
  • doujah raze - the dedication
  • breeze evahflowin - give it away
  • truth enola - ill lovin' pt. ii
  • roy ayers - red black & green
  • sisters love - give me your love

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