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chris Nov 19, 2008
OnetwothreeFOURFIVE. I'm sweatin'.

Gerbick Dec 28, 2007
For such a f----t ass soft c--k that he normally sings to, D'Angelo represents on a bangin bassline here and respect to Static for bringin it on. What a funky bumper devils pie iz.
MC toad Feb 22, 2007
still one of my favorite shows!!!
s.p. tha ace a.k.a space Oct 14, 2006
whats happenin !!!!!
i really like yall show
very dope!!
i was wondering if i could either buy coppies of the show
or is there a way to down load it?

kb3 Oct 6, 2006
This show is EXCELLENT. I don't know how many times I have listened to it over the past couple months, but it is excellent.
Soleone Aug 23, 2006
Yea, very nice Show!
Love the sound of the 90ies.
Greetings from Germany!

souljah Aug 5, 2006
Oh Babe you......... got what i
tblade Jul 31, 2006
Static + Groove = the illest sounds anywhere! #427 is one of my favorites. I wish I heard of ya earlier. Respect from Boston.
Travis Newman Jul 17, 2006
Super super good. 'Knowledge Me' and 'Born to Roll' mesh perfectly into eachother. Another superb release from our favourite DJs from Canada! Keep up the good work yall!
-Travis From Texas

Vcyne Jul 16, 2006
One other solid show!
Alekz Jul 9, 2006
Big up, big up wefunk!!!

Show 427

Classics transformed: Original Concept's trunk-rattling "Knowledge Me" gets touched by Masta Ace & Gang Starr, Carol Cool mutates Diana Ross into reggae-funk, and Biz Markie gets busy with Freddie Scott's soul classic "(You) Got What I Need". Plus new heat from DL Incognito "Live in My Element".

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED June 23, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING hawkwell / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • busta rhymes - shut 'em down 2002
  • talk (over pete rock feat. c.l. smooth - back on da block instrumental)
  • common - the food
  • d'angelo - devil's pie
  • crooklyn dodgers '95 feat. chubb rock, jeru & o.c. - return of the crooklyn dodgers
  • mobb deep, l.e.s. & a.c.d. - street life
  • equals - funky like a train
  • brother to brother - chance with you
  • commodores - i'm gonna blow your mind
  • césar mariano & cia - metropole
  • original concept - knowledge me
  • masta ace - born to roll
  • gang starr - knowledge
  • common - breaker 1/9
  • biz markie - just a friend
  • freddie scott - (you) got what i need
  • frankie beverly & the butlers - love (your pain goes deep)
  • broham - nothing in common
  • speedometer - time for change
  • d.l. incognito - live in my element
  • black star feat. common - respiration
  • redman - whateva man
  • rampage feat. busta rhymes - wild for da night
  • r.a. the rugged man - chains
  • carol cool - upside down
  • pointer sisters - pinball number count (d.j. food re-edit)
  • funkadelic - loose booty
  • minnie riperton - reasons
  • jack wilkins - red clay
  • talk (over stanley cowell - el space-o)

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