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Martymall007 May 3, 2010
polishfunklover May 15, 2009
osaka monaurail is incredible ,has so much groove thanks aloot
mojo., AkA Harvester emcee Feb 23, 2009
show 435., rokn show! this show has the slick krakn tracks., keep it roll'n WEFUNK!
Bigboy Nov 29, 2006
This radio is shit! Hot shit! I mean I have wasted 23 years of my life for not listening to your show! I love it! Big respect! And the playlist is very useful... Thanks a lot!
Greetings from Munich, Germany

JDog Oct 14, 2006
oh dizzzzam james brown into undisputed truth's finest... you can kill me now cause i GOT to be in heaven. keep it blazin.
dr. fonk Sep 17, 2006
I love funky stuff and I often listen to your radio. You make me learn a lot of artists and songs I like. Thank you for helping me finding good music :). 2 thumbs up
Durell Sep 15, 2006
I loved this show and the new music didn't mess anything up. Keep doing yall thing
med Sep 12, 2006
I love old skool but we have to move on too, loving Show 435!

keynaan Sep 8, 2006
lord finesse & dj mike smooth-strictly for the ladies.
One of my all time favorite hip hop records. anyone who has O.G copy for sale let me know.

Show 435

A load of new hip-hop including Lupe's "I Gotcha", a taste of the upcoming Talib album ("Listen!!!") and Outkast strut their southern soulful thang with "Mighty 'O'". Plus a double double dose of funk funk from Osaka Monaurail, Banda Unaio Black, Undisputed Truth & James Brown.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED August 18, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING carls / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • lupe fiasco - i gotcha
  • talk (over roots - in the music instrumental)
  • roots - in the music
  • pharoahe monch - let's go
  • talib kweli - listen!!!
  • osaka monaurail - hot pants road
  • osaka monaurail - pick up the pieces one by one
  • undisputed truth - i'm a fool for you
  • banda unaio black - everone's a winner
  • james brown - can i get some help (unedited version)
  • outkast - mighty 'o'
  • d.j. khaled feat. kanye west, consequence & john legend - grammy family
  • rawdialect crew feat. danjah & d.j. 1200 - we
  • rhymefest - dynomite (going postal)
  • jern eye - authentic vintage
  • busta rhymes feat. stevie wonder - been through the storm
  • don (soul train) campbell - campbell lock
  • jazz crusaders - thank you
  • uptights band - devil's on the run
  • chapter ii - do what you want to do
  • onyx - break it loose
  • l.l. cool j. - big ole butt
  • e.p.m.d. - strictly business
  • lord finesse & d.j. mike smooth - strictly for the ladies
  • gang starr - soliloquy of chaos
  • troubleneck brothers - pure
  • legion feat. black sheep - jingle jangle
  • james brown - i got ants in my pants (and i want to dance)
  • undisputed truth - u.f.o.'s
  • loose joints - shoot the pump
  • pure funk - nothing left is real
  • talk (over banda unaio black - na palma da mao)

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