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toni Oct 15, 2012
what you gonna play now????
Bleek Jan 6, 2012
Thank you for bringing Casual's Thoughts of the Thoughtful back to my mind. Great track. Love those horns!
Dan & Rob Dublin Ireland May 18, 2011
big craic and respect to you guys. its 9am over here and your keeping the party alive
ываываыва May 15, 2010
Идите нахуй суки бля пазорные пидарасаы гнойныйе курвыф еуцебуьедбыьтрвджлао ааа сука все горите нахуй ббьбьвбаьвабвббь!!11111
mr.muuky Apr 1, 2009
i love funky groove atack i love wefunkradio.....old school and new school hip hop ........................slovakia represent...........................peace all word
Bart Feb 12, 2009
WOW! polish accents in the show.. Gra|yna Lobaszewska and SBB.. how did you found those?! How did you pass "the steel curtain"? :) Greetings from Poland, cheers!
Dean May 17, 2008
love the first track!! The PR & CLS to The Jackson 5 original is a nice touch. It's always kool to here the original and how it was chopped sliced etc. into another creation.
Keep on keepin on!

Professor Groove Feb 7, 2008
Man, this could easily turn into a book... there's way too many examples to name them all, so please email me Ian if you're interested in discussing this more. Briefly... many funk artists that stayed above the radar in the beginning of the hip hop era (80s) were definitely influenced in one way or another by rap (Prince, George Clinton, etc)... Acid jazz brought together hip hop, funk & jazz... The new generation of funk bands, except when singlemindedly retro, have obvious hip hop influences.... I understand where Ian's coming from about the connections not being equally strong, but it makes sense when you consider the chronology.
On that note... happy Black History month... I'm out.

DJ Static Feb 7, 2008
Ian, Gimme a site or something where i can check out ur music... I'm curious
Ian Feb 7, 2008
Well, what is the connection? Musically, I mean.
Here's the connection. Hip Hoppers listen to funk, grab interesting chunks, loop them and rap over it. The connection rarely, if ever, goes the other way.

I just get tired of HH-ers claiming to be in the funk tradition when I don't hear it in the music or the message.
Obviously blues, funk, gospel & soul are intimately related. Read Guralnick's 'Sweet Soul Music' if you haven't already...

Professor Groove Feb 7, 2008
Uh... wow. Ian... Isn't that kind of like saying that funk and blues are unrelated, because you like drum breaks and "cool progressions", which just "ain't there" in blues? Or soul and gospel are unrelated because you "like spiritual lyrics" and it "just ain't there" in soul? Do you really feel that Black music is a series of disconnected, isolated genres? Not saying that you have to love hip hop - to each his own - but denying the funk connection sounds a little foolish to those who understand hip hop's history.
ian Feb 7, 2008
Well, that's your opinion.
I play in a funk/soul outfit and I don't hear the relationship. I like melodies and cool progressions, so it ain't there.
Awesome show though, I don't miss one...

Professor Groove Feb 7, 2008
Ian: Of course hip hop, funk and soul are intimately connected, whether you look into their history or just listen to the musical basis. WEFUNK is about celebrating that 40+ year legacy.
ian Feb 2, 2008
love the funk but can't take the rap, they are about as related as country & western and jazz
Foppa Jan 20, 2008
Greetings from Poland :) I was really surprised when I heard polish song - thanks. Good job!
RBeezy Jan 18, 2008
man...Ike and Tina. too bad he was an SOB to Tina....his musical legacy was tight.
lewis Jan 10, 2008
sick show - big up
JCCPC Jan 10, 2008
Dare I say this is the funkin' greatest start to a show EVARR?????
What a hot track - gotta love the straightup filthy horn funk

Show 499

WEFUNK digs into Ike Turner's rhythm & grit and serves up two choice cuts from Poland's little known funk era. Montreal's own Bank of Mount Real blesses us with an exclusive collabo track produced by the UK's Ghosttown, as well as a fresh 12" ("Monk Swing") from Andy William's new compilation "Variations in Time". Pete Rock & CL flip a classic Jackson 5 sample on "Appreciate".

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Lotus, Mr. Goodvibes, Sikh Knowledge / RECORDED December 14, 2007 / PLAYLIST MARKING timblazina & illissus / HOSTING daduke, Mike, PJ & Oliver. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • future shock - hit the wall
  • talk (over ike turner & the kings of rhythm - funky mule)
  • ike & tina turner - funkier than a mosquita's tweeter
  • ike & tina turner - i'm just not ready for love
  • ike turner & the kings of rhythm - thinking black
  • ike turner & the kings of rhythm feat. tina turner - no more doggin'
  • malik yusef feat. kanye west & common - wouldn't you like to ride
  • notorious b.i.g. - juicy (remix)
  • big l. - m.v.p.
  • pacewon & mr. green - eye of the needle
  • nemesis - a live like this
  • pete rock feat. c.l. smooth - appreciate
  • jackson 5 - 2-4-6-8
  • soul saints orchestra - bag of soul
  • sly & the family stone - babies makin' babies
  • grażyna łobaszewska & ergo band - za górą gór
  • s.b.b. - palamakia
  • bank of mount real - untitled / g.t.s.k.l. (ghost town sikh karma lotus)
  • talk (over d.j. brasco presents declaime - robin hood theory instrumental)
  • karma & lotus - monk swing
  • busta rhymes & j. dilla feat. q-tip & talib kweli - lightworks
  • d.j. brasco presents black milk - go hard
  • fantoms - get a little bit
  • merry clayton - grandma's hands
  • roy ayers - funk in the hole
  • egba - takdropp
  • plunky - drop
  • arabesque - politics of the blaow (remix)
  • kurious feat. sadat x. & mike g. - mansion & a yacht (merchantz mix)
  • artifacts - who i am
  • aceyalone - the guidelines 94
  • casual - thoughts of the thoughtful
  • talk (over eddie bayard & storm 9000 - dawn)

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