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Elwood Mar 6, 2021
Damn fine show right here! Been a regular listener for over a decade and just discovered this gem.
Banger from start to finish. The live rhymes are still fresh in 2021!

willem Apr 17, 2010
First time to listen this show.
A hidden pearl! Regards from funky Amsterdam.

harvest emcee Nov 18, 2008
great show as per usual!! congrrats on the big 500 still another 500 to come!! tis the realest station on the planet! keep up the slik work! big up to PG & butta beats!!
Dj NAZE Aug 12, 2008
Support Wefunk trough Listening !!
zuze May 26, 2008
somebody on 250th show said- "250 more baby", and here you are. congrats
Mojo Apr 30, 2008
Further in such a way. Thank you for the good music! Greeting from Germany (Hamburg).
Freshmik Mar 3, 2008
greez from düsseldorf/germany
wefunkradio is the best radioshow EEEVER!!
"chillin time" meens "listen wefunk"
congratulation for your 500th show,
i'm waiting from the next 500.
...and check this out:
to be continue

riek Feb 13, 2008
hola soy de mexico y pues fui hacer unos tres años a cuba y conoci a alguien de ustedes yo por el momneto estoy viviendo en vancouver me gustaria saber mas de su trabajo
Eno Feb 11, 2008
WeFunk 500Th was dope as usual. Big up to professor Groove and Static for making this happen. WeFunk will live forever!!!!

Defy - HH Feb 8, 2008
Big up guys for your work! After 500 shows it's still fresh! Thx for being true too music
Alexandre SS Feb 7, 2008
Yes, yes...
WeFunk 500 Show...
Good vibrations from Brazil.

DJ Static Feb 2, 2008
Much luv to everyone 4 their support thru the years. We'll keep doing our thing as long as yall keep listening!
jcw1963 Feb 2, 2008
That intro is fresh! Hope you guys keep funkin' it up for another 500. Long live WeFunk!
big ten Jan 26, 2008
keep'n the funk and real music alive looking good at show 500, congrates!! should here the garbage they play down here in CT..Thank you wefunk,reprecent!
macblos Jan 26, 2008
The heart of Europe listens to Wfnk!
Funk it on (& on & on & on &...) !!!

Daver Jan 25, 2008
Congrats from Victoria, BC on show 500. Anyone new I meet who's into steaming music receives my sermon on your your show!!! You guys go deeep into the funkosphere for all the right reasons!!!
Etalon Jan 24, 2008
The best radio show in the world!
Much respect to DJ Static and Professor Groove and every WEFUNK fan out there...
Happy late birthday!

bastian Jan 23, 2008
Happy to have found this radio over a year ago! Hope we get at least 500 more. We funk is the shit! Saludos desde Tijuana, Mex. Cool to hear some of Montreal's amazing talent.
*midnightheory* Jan 22, 2008
congrats on 500, here's to 500 mas! threw the show on the ipod, rocked it twice on the way to holland, dope as usual! good looks, good luck and godspeed!
funkysideofcake Jan 21, 2008
lovin this radio. happy 500th! dig the intro Jan 21, 2008
big up!! happy 500th! great things you guys are doin ....and a new intro too??? i might be in montreal early march... peace! -tone
kfiat Jan 21, 2008
big up!! from Poland
g-to-the-dub Jan 18, 2008
keep it up guys. lovin the first 500.
Cory Jan 17, 2008
yeaaaah #500! Bangin intro, WEFUNK can't be beat, give us 500 more!
RBeezy Jan 17, 2008
Congrats yo! this is one of the best shows anywhere!
is there a commemoration t-shirt coming?

Vcyne Jan 17, 2008
Props to the banging first part of the intro, and to that DJ Brasco track, from France ;)
Yes, 500 of dopeness

CHU Jan 17, 2008
500 in the bag!
incredible show. amazing selections.
gotta get some commemorative artwork over to you
keep keepin

classic Jan 17, 2008
congrats to the 500! always livin' never die!!
butta beats Jan 16, 2008
professor groove is a dream boat ladies.PHD!!!!!!

Show 500

WEFUNK celebrates our 500th show with another classic live session featuring some of Montreal's finest emcees, vocalists, beatboxes and live trumpet, mixed to perfection with bangin' beats and heavyweight funk.

Extra: Check out live video from this show

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Lotus, Karma, Butta Beats, Think Twice, Blackbird, Noé, Fredy V, Loes, Rob, Rawgged, Malika, Meryem / RECORDED January 4, 2008 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963 / HOSTING daduke, Mike, PJ & Oliver. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • talib kweli - listen
  • talk (over phat kat - nasty instrumental)
  • digital underground - doowutchyalike
  • special ed - ready 2 attack
  • main source - looking at the front door
  • mighty tomcats - dance girl
  • spanky wilson - kissing my love
  • kool & the gang - love the life you live
  • sir joe quarterman & free soul - (i got) so much trouble in my mind
  • live rhymes by lotus & karma (over karma & lotus - unknown instrumental, pete rock feat. d-block - 914 instrumental)
  • live rhymes by butta beats & rawgged (over b.r. gunna - thought i told you instrumental)
  • live beatbox by butta beats & rawgged
  • live rhymes & trumpet by butta beats & blackbird (over d.j. brasco presents phat kat feat. d.j. greem - we're comin' instrumental)
  • live rhymes by karma & lotus (over lupe fiasco - superstar instrumental, j. dilla - make 'em n.v. instrumental)
  • baby huey & the babysitters - hard times
  • foxy - trouble
  • visioneers - rubber feet
  • oliver sain - st. louis breakdown
  • bobby powell - peace begins within
  • lyn collins - we want to parrty, parrty, parrty
  • loe pesci - vile and lude behavior
  • live rhymes by loes (over hi-tek - where it started at instrumental, l.l. cool j. - i shot ya remix instrumental)
  • talk & live trumpet by blackbird (over royal flush - iced down medallions instrumental)
  • live vocals, rhymes & trumpet by fredy v, loes, butta beats & blackbird (over black ice - take your time instrumental, manchilde - in da game instrumental, beatbox by butta beats)
  • live rhymes & vocals by butta beats & fredy v. (over kidz in the hall - wheelz fall off instrumental)
  • live rhymes by loes & karma (over marco polo - nostalgia instrumental, roots - in the music instrumental, d.j. brasco - go hard instrumental, black milk - sound the alarm instrumental)
  • live rhymes & vocals by karma, loes & fredy v. (over a.g. - frozen instrumental, loer velocity - song i sing instrumental)
  • live rhymes by loes (over outkast - dirty south instrumental)
  • live rhymes by butta beats & loes (over kev brown - albany instrumental, black moon - i got cha opin instrumental)
  • talk (over black moon - i got cha opin instrumental)

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DJ Static, WEFUNK 500
DJ Static, WEFUNK 500
DJ Static, WEFUNK 500