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Jason Nov 17, 2016
Some serious education. Black history is more than inventions. The musical history is important too. Keep digging into those vaults for the real gems. Might tech these youngsters a thing or two about where music really came from
VINSAO Jul 20, 2015
Big up from Jersey Channel Islands Uk !
Brest and Gwada !

Brodee Sep 29, 2010
Love this show. Tears up montreal story inspired me to do a Toastmasters speech at my company: a few stories about james brown
jvgraph Apr 16, 2009
Awesome show with the history behind the music love hearing it.
DrGeoffrey Aug 27, 2008
Flashlight was inspired by a Bar Mitzvah?! That was like learning that Darth Vader was Luke's father - thanks for blowing my mind!
DJ NAZe Aug 24, 2008
link where it speak about amen brother sample !:

Amesoul Apr 4, 2008
What a great show ! So much stories to tell and history to learn about black music... Keep on keeping on guys!
Peace from Paris!

Antonio Apr 2, 2008
you're killing me guys!! I am trying to work in the office while my boss is away but I can't stop dancing on my chair and playing drums on my desk....not very effective work!! Bonjour de Picardie!! (North part of France)
benskifater Mar 30, 2008
maxximum respect!
u guys bring it to an another level!
education is a must!!!
peace out, keep that funk alive!

B-Boy Koala Mar 26, 2008
Wooooah ! this is my Eldorado !! i am here every single day , dancin to this godly breakz ! keep it funky ! 4 Ever ! greetings From Poland !!
skye Mar 24, 2008
what is the track you used for the intro? amazing.
Skip Jones Mar 23, 2008
I really enjoyed this show especially Duke Eatmon speaking in between the songs and everything. It made my evening for real.
Your Soul Brother from California...

Michi Mar 23, 2008
Gold! Show 507 made the day a good day. Greetings from Austria!
man-o-tea Mar 20, 2008
5 Stars! This is what non-commercial radio is all about! Keep it up!
Vcyne Mar 19, 2008

Show 507

School's in session: WEFUNK brings in radio veteran Duke Eatmon for a black history month special weaving together dramatic stories of funk, soul & hip-hop icons and the social and political dimensions of their music.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Duke Eatmon / RECORDED February 29, 2008 / PLAYLIST MARKING felix1234 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • skull snaps - it's a new day
  • talk (over propositions - africana)
  • flames - stand up and be counted
  • isley brothers - it's your thing
  • cold grits - it's your thing
  • sly & the family stone - in time
  • talk: sly stone's musical beginnings, the "fresh" album
  • sly & the family stone - luv n' haight
  • sly & the family stone - stand
  • talk: sly's influence and genius, introduction to curtis mayfield & the impressions
  • impressions - we're a winner
  • impressions - we're rollin' on
  • talk: the winstons' classic drum break
  • curtis mayfield - (don't worry) if there's a hell below we're all going to go
  • talk: curtis' last works, the james brown-parliament-funkadelic connection
  • parliament - chocolate city
  • parliament - flashlight
  • talk: tales of "flashlight", bootsy's james brown stint, intro to "king heroin"
  • james brown - king heroin
  • talk: james brown's impact
  • james brown - there it is
  • james brown - soul power (live)
  • talk: james brown tears up montreal (over james brown - hot pants (live))
  • public enemy - welcome to the terrordome
  • talk: story of "welcome to the terrordome"
  • public enemy - rebirth
  • jeru - come clean
  • boogie down productions - my philosophy
  • de la soul - oodles of o's
  • brand nubian - allah u akbar
  • talk: native tongues movement and afrocentrism, wrap-up (over common - the corner instrumental)

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