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Twonz Sep 10, 2010
great!!!!!!! love it!!! peace from Russia
luciofunk Jan 23, 2009
wefunk is the best..simply the best for the groove's lover ;)
slon bgk Jan 2, 2009
Fiasco Dec 20, 2008
Just discovered WeFunk, I know what's been missing now!
pwenzel Dec 11, 2008
This mix is fantastic. I almost started dancing on the bus this morning, but I had to maintain professional composure. Some day I will figure out how to dance to WeFunk on the bus without looking like a crazy person.
Dj Ed Nov 6, 2008
Old school for ever.
The Netherlands

fo sh0 Oct 29, 2008
best show on the internets!
olliechi Oct 25, 2008
RAMP......really? you cats continue to blow my mind.....keep doin it.
peace from the chi

Frenchie Oct 18, 2008
Awesome J.Brown Mix , my speakers like that !
Un Fan Francais :)

frenchie Oct 18, 2008
Great Show
Bonjour de France :)

GetOnDownNow Oct 17, 2008
I love James, but that biography tune was awful. First time I've ever skipped thru to the end of a tune on your show.
RockGeist Oct 17, 2008
You should play the Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix of I was made to love her. It's on Jimi's BBC Session album. It's funky and I'm sure the audience would enjoy it along with any other version you can dig up.
Dr. popnlock Oct 16, 2008
Love the intro

Show 534

Shaun Boothe breaks down the chronicle of James Brown, Stevie Wonder shines in a rare live recording from 1973, and Parliament and Herbie Hancock bring the fat synth basslines. Plus a double shot of GZA: "Alphabets" from his new "Protools" LP as well as a GZA/Ray Charles remix courtesy of the Dysposable Heroes.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Bus / RECORDED October 3, 2008 / PLAYLIST MARKING felix1234 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • mad kap - dopest verse
  • talk (over jigmastas - beyond real remix instrumental)
  • polyrhythm addicts - what the problem is
  • diamond feat. sadat x. & tons - in da b.x.
  • vaughan mason & butch dayo - rollalong songs
  • vernon burch - do it to me
  • parliament - theme from the black hole
  • one way - push
  • herbie hancock - ready or not
  • dysposable heroes presents genius vs. genius - fame to my soul
  • genius/gza - alphabets
  • s.o.u.l. purpose - way that we live
  • nas - u.b.r. (unauthorized biography of rakim)
  • shaun boothe - unauthorized biography of james brown
  • saukrates feat. xzibit - keep it movin'
  • buff1 - beat the speakers up
  • johnny king & the fatback band - peace, love not war
  • leroy hutson - i think i'm falling in love
  • coke escovedo - i wouldn't change a thing
  • bobby marchan - (ain't no reason) for girls to be lonely
  • mickey & the soul generation - chocolate
  • bobby byrd & vicki anderson - once you get started
  • crew54 feat. bavu blakes - let's go
  • d.j. cam feat. cameo - love junkee (dilla remix)
  • boogiemonsters - strange
  • jungle boogie brown - chello
  • 84 feat. bahamadia - 3 the hard way
  • public enemy - by the time i get to arizona
  • mandrill - two sisters of mystery
  • curtis mayfield - short eyes (part 2)
  • r.a.m.p. - everybody loves the sunshine
  • stevie wonder - i was made to love her (live at the berkeley community theatre)
  • gil scott-heron - guerilla (edit)
  • talk (over richard "groove" holmes & ernie watts - come together)

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