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PrimeTime(NO) Feb 18, 2010
Big ups from Norway. Love your show! Have us in mind for the next European tour! Prime
mojo., AkA Harvester emcee Jul 22, 2009
great show fam!
track 11 he mighty underdogs, havnt heard these fellas for ages, and track 9 pharcyde, another banger track,
keep burning the deck yo!
peace from the land down unda!

Alkman May 12, 2009
The hawkshaw track is the fucking business
pedro Mar 19, 2009
this makes the best background soundtrack for a session at the skate park. thanks!
DeeDaGreat Feb 28, 2009
The combinations are really dope!
Food for the soul!

Squampton Dec 1, 2008
Oh ya! This one is dirty good. Hit'n the roof with the FK5! Feelin' you from the left coast. Thanks again!
Pass-da-Dutchy Nov 26, 2008
Fantastisch! WeFunk is my fav radio, you guys rule keep them comming!
DjJuanTwo Nov 22, 2008
My new favorite episode. We Funk is sick! d=)
dj iye95 Nov 22, 2008
seriously dope yo - pro & reg - mighty undergogs, that greyboy ting...biggup!
C*O*I* Nov 15, 2008
A real highpoint you guys.
WEFUNK = Best show in the world

blunked Nov 14, 2008
not listened to wefunk for a while... You guys still rocking this funk ! love it..
turdle Nov 11, 2008
ouch guys, now my face hurts
oddjob Nov 9, 2008
I second Bucktrend: very grateful to We Funk for bringing the sunshine to Wetcouver!
nealedarkside Nov 9, 2008
Show 537 is QUALITY! Bad as all hell from start to finish; nice scratchin' BTW!
bucktrend Nov 8, 2008
YO i bust the Wefunk when the sun aint shinin in Vancity and it brightens up my day!
romsky Nov 8, 2008
dope show, love wefunk
DaReal Nov 8, 2008
Great job guys!
D.E.N.G. Nov 7, 2008
Great funky tunes, excellent stuff to play through the headphones on a Friday afternoon.
Respect from Berlin, Germany.

localPatron Nov 7, 2008
Love your shows!!
big UP from Oslo

Show 537

Cookin' with breaks: Kraak & Smaak and Bugz in the Attic bring bold new flavors, The New Mastersounds and The Diplomats of Solid Sound deliver fresh rough funk, and Sly Stone's under-appreciated "Underdog" gets flipped nicely by The Mighty Underdogs. Plus a hip hop odyssey, all the way from the crucial 80s electro track "Boogie Down (Bronx)" to brand new Jake One w/ MF DOOM and DJ Babu with M.O.P.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED October 24, 2008 / PLAYLIST MARKING adamlynn2 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • greyboy feat. quantic & sharon jones - got to be a love (paul nice remix)
  • talk (over regal - the mack)
  • diplomats of solid sound - come in my kitchen
  • dyke & the blazers - the woble
  • insight, frankie numi & remsey lef - continue the legacy
  • digital underground - kiss you back
  • u.m.c.'s - blue cheese
  • digable planets - it's good to be here
  • pharcyde - i'm that type of nigga
  • charizma & peanut butter wolf - red light green light
  • mighty underdogs - the anthem
  • sly & the family stone - underdog
  • oliver sain - party hearty
  • kraak & smaak - squeeze me
  • new mastersounds - kuna matata
  • leroy hutson - it's the music (intro)
  • pro & reg - hey!
  • common - the movement
  • man parrish - boogie down (bronx)
  • malcolm mclaren - hobo scratch (she's looking like a hobo)
  • u.t.f.o. - wanna rock
  • cookie crew - born this way (let's dance)
  • alan hawkshaw - troubleshooter vol. 2 (edit)
  • force of nature - nightshift
  • fort knox five - got the funk (all good funk alliance mix)
  • alice russell - could heaven ever be like this (bugz in the attic mix)
  • vaughan mason feat. jerome bell - breakers anthem
  • jake one feat. m.f. doom - trap door
  • ghostface killah feat. r.z.a. - nutmeg
  • black moon - six feet deep
  • d.j. babu feat. m.o.p. - dearly departed
  • m.o.p. - brownsville
  • kool g. rap - 4, 5, 6
  • talk (over weather report - mysterious traveller)
  • t-love - i'm comin'

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