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fAcety Dec 14, 2014
Cheeba Kid is becoming my favorite guest DJ! definitely brings a lot of knowledge along with the tunes. Good show.
bugs bunny Nov 11, 2012
much love from munich!!!!
BBOY LOEBZ Sep 11, 2012
Dope show. Lot of groovy tracks. Best thing I could ask for while I get work done before I head off to practise. Thanks we-funk! - BBOYS AND BGIRLS from LONDON ONTARIO!!! ill at will crew
Pablulu Aug 30, 2012
I love your work!
domin Jun 21, 2012
jose May 20, 2012
aguante argentina!
gonzalo Mar 6, 2012
from argentina, best wishes, great show!! Gonzalo
jew from st.lou Jun 13, 2011
Anne Peebles-St.louis's sample sister, still burning shit up and leaving blisters
Nev Feb 9, 2011
Fresh & groovy!!
SlaveToDaRhythm Jan 5, 2011
I LOVE this show! Some of my all time favourite sampled songs :) thank you!!
Junic Nov 30, 2010
Tyas Tinyartsound Oct 27, 2010
Another great show, YEEEEAAAH!!!
lord Oct 24, 2010
can someone tell me what the second beat is in the track bush babees - we run things?
Cheeba Cheeba Kid Oct 2, 2010
@rudebwoy, your math is pretty much correct, check the Shaolin Soul comps and see how much Hi records helped build the chambers.
@Brown Hornet, 2 Live, Pauser - thanks for the props!
@Q - that's what i'm talking about...strong roots make bountiful branches!

rudebwoy Aug 15, 2010
Wow, Wu-Tang must have sampled at least one third of them !
spankye Jun 17, 2010
Asheville, NC lovin it.
jew from st.lou May 20, 2010
supreme dopeness-had to pull over after my ass caught fire somewhere between mad racket and the finish line. fuckin A!!
doragon japan May 10, 2010
I listen iphone everyday.veryvery good.Great!!Once,I listen in japan!
Carthy aka Razzle May 10, 2010
Guys loud n clear over here in the uk. Big up wefunk for all of the good work.It's funking great. The feeling is being shared with the masses I come across. CHEERS
Youngster May 9, 2010
Warsaw's feeling it, too.
Brown Hornet May 8, 2010
Cheeba you killed that shit
Daddou May 8, 2010
Big Big thanks to you guys for your AWESOME job!
Peace from Biel / Bienne Switzerland

stephk May 7, 2010
love listening to the funk during work!
8000 May 6, 2010
Zurich's feeling it!
kemahep May 6, 2010
ahhhhh.. wefunk ;-)
utility May 6, 2010
Helluvashow guyz
Germany is bouncing all night looong for y'all!!! keep it up T.out

smittyfitty May 5, 2010
Great show! Love good soul music! And thanks for throwing in the Skinny Boys joint; haven't heard in years!
Professor Groove May 5, 2010
@cirkutbendr: Pretty sure it's "Time Is Right For Love" by Bobby Reed. Maybe Saint Etienne sampled it too?
cirkutbendr May 4, 2010
That Erykah Badu beat is from the band saint etienne. Haven't heard that beat since I was a kid. nice!
mosserie May 4, 2010
awesome show!!
can't stop moving my little ass and shaking my head. thanks!

2 live May 4, 2010
Props on that first cheeba cheeba set...butta
Q May 4, 2010
History is essential to authentic music appreciation. Big UP
Danboy May 3, 2010
Its good the indication... for the sampling...
Pauser May 3, 2010
Big up to Cheeba Cheeba Kid
trueninjagreen May 3, 2010
great show
great set
give the true everyday

Soulsizzle May 3, 2010
One my favorite shows in recent memory. Ya'll killed it!
duncan May 3, 2010
keep it coming to us down under in NZ

Show 598

The Cheeba Cheeba Kid joins WEFUNK for a special tribute to Willie Mitchell - architect of the classic Al Green Memphis soul sound. Pharcyde takes it back to the old school with "Return of the B-Boy," Mark Wayward puts a boom-bap soul twist on Erykah Badu's "Soldier," and Static hooks up a special blend featuring Bush Babees over Lauryn Hill's "Everything Is Everything".

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Cheeba Cheeba Kid, Lawrence / RECORDED March 19, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • lonnie jordan - discoland, pt. 2
  • talk (over julien dyne feat. mara t.k. - layer instrumental, cloud one - patty duke)
  • united image - african bump
  • inner circle - i shot the sheriff
  • erykah badu - soldier (mark wayward remix)
  • talk with the cheeba cheeba kid (willie mitchell intro)
  • al green - i wish you were here   (start of cheeba's 1st set)
  • syl johnson - could i be falling in love
  • ann peebles - trouble, heartache & sadness
  • ann peebles - i can't stand the rain
  • jean plum - here i go again
  • syl johnson - anyway the wind blows
  • willie mitchell - groovin'
  • al green - the letter
  • o.v. wright - a nickel and a nail
  • ann peebles - i'm gonna tear your playhouse down
  • al green - love and happiness   (end of cheeba's 1st set)
  • talk with the cheeba cheeba kid (willie mitchell outro)
  • pharcyde - return of the b-boy
  • skinny boys - stylin'
  • mad racket - dondadda
  • a tribe called quest - check the rhime
  • nice & smooth - more and more hits
  • redman - how to roll a blunt
  • mobb deep - nickel and a nail   (samples o.v. wright - a nickel and a nail  /  start of cheeba's 2nd set)
  • special ed - the bush   (samples al green - love & happiness)
  • g.z.a. - shadowboxin'   (samples ann peebles - troubles, heartaches & sadness)
  • mobb deep - win or lose   (samples jean plum - here i go again)
  • sunz of man - the plan   (samples ann peebles - i'm gonna tear your playhouse down)
  • u.m.c.'s - any way the wind blows   (samples syl johnson - any way the wind blows  /  end of cheeba's 2nd set)
  • lauryn hill - everything is everything
  • bush babees - we run things (blend)
  • capleton feat. method man - wings of the morning (dynamik duo mix)
  • d'angelo feat. method man & redman - left & right
  • lone catalysts & all natural - renaissance
  • talk (over d.j. center - leave the city outside instrumental)

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