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Aim80 May 9, 2012
No matter how many years I've been listening to WeFunk, every time I type out the word, I always type WeFuck first... every single time, haha ; )
Aim80 May 9, 2012
jvgraph put me onto this show, specifically... said "you GOTTA hear show 610" so i wrote it down on a Post-It note to remind myself. I've blessed a few other lives by passing along this show. Golden. Especially that beat Dilla sampled.
jvgraph May 2, 2012
SUP WEFUNK... sorry for the double post but this show is pure gold. I will be hosting a party soon and this show will be played from start to finish for my guest.
jvgraph Feb 2, 2011
Great show once again having guest DJ's is keep it so fresh and so clean!
Much love from warm and sunny SoCal...

Napoleon Dec 28, 2010
You all should win a noble peace prize for getting people through their 9-5's everyday. Can't stop, won't stop listenin.
Lazt Dec 13, 2010
Hey beautiful people! R u guys ever coming to Shanghai?! PEACE!
brasilbabil├┤nia Nov 22, 2010
viva o BRASIL
renna Oct 19, 2010
Placebo by Marc Moulin not Brian Molko
jc Sep 14, 2010
that placebo balek track is amazing!
freshman Aug 16, 2010
this is the best show! best soul and boogie-tracks! big rispetto!
DJ Static Aug 12, 2010
WEFUNK will be playing Hamburg Round #2 this November... Stay tuned for details!!
Anna Aug 10, 2010
Hey, are you also coming to Hamburg again? Great guys, great show........thanks a lot!!!
Professor Groove Aug 7, 2010
@Maughtner & Ginnsey: Me too! Hey UK promoters, there's still time to book WEFUNK for our next tour in October.....
Maughtner Aug 6, 2010
'Ginnsey Jul 24, 2010
Im gutted u not got one single show in the uk'
Yeah second that mate

Lipstick Killers Aug 4, 2010
I absolutely love you guys, when I am designing and working on my career, you give me the motivation and inspiration through the music you play. I would have never known this much about hip hop if it wasn't for you, you bring me closer to hip hop and my creative side.
Tim Aug 2, 2010
Saw your show in Hamburg, loved it. Will be coming back regularly to your website. Keep it up!
Abe Jul 29, 2010
keeeeeeep it up !
redsfury Jul 27, 2010
oh ohhh ohh funk me upp yaall
JRO Jul 27, 2010
bmj Jul 27, 2010
Whats going on montreal?!?
This sh!tz world wide baby (UK massive)

mp Jul 27, 2010
whatever happened to sons of bezerk? 1LP and then gone...
that lyn christopher tune = excellent..!

LittleGirlBlue Jul 26, 2010
(Not Just) Knee Deep is MY THEME SONG! Seriously, I am that chick! Thanks for bumpin' "FREAK OF THE WEEK!" Fab show as always!
substratum sounds Jul 26, 2010
Yo! Static dug deep on that "Son of Bazerk" shit!!!!
pablo Jul 25, 2010
big up wefunk everytime!

Ginnsey Jul 24, 2010
Im gutted u not got one single show in the uk
Brasilbabil├┤nia Jul 23, 2010
fogo no fino
mr funk Jul 23, 2010
2 all my fellow funkyfriends ,funk u! in the good way.
FunkyLover Jul 23, 2010
Great great show and super funky style :)
baselbert Jul 23, 2010
u gonna rock switzerland tonite! i'm so excited 'bout, can't wait!
beatjunkie87 Jul 23, 2010
Make some noise in zurich :) I will be there this evenin'!
See you fam!

hanz Jul 23, 2010
im so happy you play son of bazerk, thx!
MDstP Jul 22, 2010
Bain ripped it...crazy beats...WeFunk keeps on killin it!

Show 610

It's Magic: Guest DJ Bain Magique warms up the mix with Brazilian soul, dusty samples and feel-good boogie. Plus: Son of Bazerk's new track blends gritty soul vocals with sample-heavy beats like it's still 1991, and we salute P-Funk vocalist Garry Shider with two of his Funkadelic classics (including "Not Just Knee Deep").

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Bain Magique / RECORDED June 18, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • 7 samurai feat. desmond foster - feel the same (dubben remix)
  • talk (over 7 samurai feat. desmond foster - feel the same (dubben dub))
  • funkadelic - cholly (funk getting ready to roll)
  • garry davis - funk machine
  • funkadelic - (not just) knee deep
  • arthur verocai - na boca do sol   (start of bain magique's 1st set)
  • original black sheep of the family - here and there
  • final decisions - the pusher
  • delfonics - he don't really love you
  • third point - welfare line
  • natural four - try love again
  • olympic runners - keep it up
  • lyn christopher - take me with you
  • placebo - balek   (end of bain magique's 1st set)
  • a.s.m. feat. fredo - 9-fiddy number
  • diverse - escape earth
  • moka only feat. sadat x. - new era b-boy pockets
  • kev brown - always
  • jaylib - starz
  • spear of the nation - black love
  • mystic feat. talib kweli & kam - the life (remix)
  • willie hutch - ain't that (mellow, mellow)   (start of bain magique's 2nd set)
  • michael jackson - we're almost there
  • billy paul - let the dollar circulate
  • derrick harriott - let it whip
  • placebo - humpty dumpty   (end of bain magique's 2nd set)
  • son of bazerk - change the style
  • son of bazerk - i swear on a stack of old hits
  • public enemy - see something, say something
  • rakim - living for the city
  • dillon & paten locke - hot mess
  • primeridian - whistle while you work
  • bugz in the attic - consequences   (start of bain magique's 3rd set)
  • bobby nunn - don't knock it
  • players association - hustlin'
  • esbee family - chics and chicken
  • barbara roy - if you want me
  • talk (over wizardz - boogie slyde)   (end of bain magique's 3rd set)

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