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NJ May 19, 2020
Digging into your archives... man, If I was in charge of this world, I'd construct large speakers across all continents and wake up the population of each country each morning with the sounds of WEFUNK. So much fire going on in this set. The Azymuth track had me literally stomping so hard I could have gone straight down into the earth. Magic stuff from Kings of swing, cannonball adderley and the RH Factor jam was dope too. Come back to Europe! Big love from the UK
TYKE Dec 5, 2011
The Magic Shoes mix was insane, thank you.
nefone Oct 15, 2011
revolution is here my friend...
nefone Oct 15, 2011
haha make some noise beastie boys.daamn thaaats it.whatafaak.old times
nefone Oct 15, 2011
yaw yaw funk it man
represent greece

georgi Aug 19, 2011
haha iam bulgarian and i know skills :D
Frank Suicide Jul 29, 2011
Guys just wanted to let ya know I'm listening from Amsterdam and damn happy I found ya'll!

qsh Jul 20, 2011
Jammin Jun 30, 2011
Word, still going strong fellas
silo one Jun 27, 2011
mr dj play that funky song..yeah

Boyan Jun 27, 2011
Thanx for the dope music and company! We had a great party in Bulgaria! Thanx for all once again! We see you soon again! Brother Skill got the beats!!!
SKILL Jun 27, 2011

Car Jun 24, 2011
I know the guys from Bulgaria! Some of them are in a crew called Art from Da Heart, so maybe that's where the song title came from. Big respect to those guys and WEFUNK!!
glen Jun 23, 2011
You never let us down. Peace and keep on keepin on from an elderly Bboy!
diggity Jun 23, 2011
Use the funk, Luke! Great show, thank you
ozone Jun 23, 2011
goldie rock Jun 23, 2011
Scubasteez Jun 22, 2011
Patsan s Rayona Jun 22, 2011
АЕЕ!! Убийственное дерьмо как всегда!
Much love from Moscow! Keepin it real ёба!

Soyasoce Jun 22, 2011
WEFUNK 萬歲!!!
繼續加油 from 香港!

jew from st.lou Jun 20, 2011
fuckit freakit funkit chiggity check the spec. efx on this one y'all
rudebwoy Jun 20, 2011
top notch !
chris mazziotti Jun 18, 2011
I am truly in Love with you guys and your show. Long time listener. Loved the Cannonball Adderly track.
Danboy Jun 17, 2011
I am listening wefunk since 2002, i beleive me world wide i have never been disapointed...
Dan from MontrealPeace

Shakad Jun 17, 2011
Funking Dangerous!!!! Love live WeFunk
Stoycho Jun 17, 2011
Man, I can' believe this Bulgarian track. Those guys are even from my home town, Plovdiv, and I have never heard about them. Thanks, WEFUNK! Great Show
Marcel Hornet Jun 17, 2011
I love your site and love the funk.
Marcel Hornet,Ploiesti, Romania

johnny kingsboro Jun 16, 2011
specific and brief? PURE FIRE.
Leon SunWalk Jun 16, 2011
Cooola! Nicerrro!
Svente Jun 16, 2011
awesome! the whole show is a blast!!! wefunk is a dope department!!!!
Дуныч Jun 16, 2011

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Old & new 4 you: The Beastie Boys keep making noise in 2011 on "Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2", DJ Static dusts off LP cuts from A Tribe Called Quest, Organized Konfusion and Tracey Lee, and Professor Groove dips into soul from Ace Spectrum and Zulema, jazz breaks by Azymuth and The Greyboy Allstars, and slow-burn funk grooves from The Monophonics and Roy Hargrove.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED May 20, 2011 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • beastie boys - make some noise
  • talk (over skill - from da heart)
  • method man feat. busta rhymes - what's happenin' (remix)
  • lord finesse feat. percee p. & a.g. - yes you may
  • kings of swing - stop jockin' james
  • main source - fakin' the funk (d.j. hedspin magic shoes edit)
  • zulema - giving up
  • mr president - left and right
  • bamboos - got to get it over
  • betty padgett - sugar daddy, part 2
  • ace spectrum - if you were there
  • greyboy allstars - tenor man
  • casual feat. del & pep love - who's it on
  • a tribe called quest - god lives through
  • das e.f.x. - freakit
  • diamond & the psychotic neurotics feat. fat joe, maestro, mike g.q. & whiz one - pass dat shit
  • organized konfusion - thirteen
  • pharcyde - devil music
  • little brother - make me hot (yam who re-edit)
  • gil scott-heron - the klan
  • mo' horizons - kikiriboom (7 samurai latin funk remix)
  • bob brault org. - bilboquet
  • azymuth - carambola
  • mr president - the best is yet to come
  • ghostface killah - cherchez laghost (remix)
  • tracey lee - stars in the east
  • outkast - a.t.l.iens
  • big daddy kane feat. big scoob, sauce, shyheim, j.z. & ol' dirty bastard - show & prove
  • ol' dirty bastard feat. raekwon & method man - raw hide
  • cannonball adderley - leo: rosebud
  • r.h. factor - a place
  • talk (over daniel janin & j.c. pierric - saramina, eliphino - up sticks)
  • monophonics - like yesterday

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