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NJ Nov 26, 2020
This is one hell of a show! Pun intended. Where the heck did you come across that chubukos track Groove?! God I love the 70s for stuff like this. Great journey through the major blaxploitation tunes too - though would have been cool to hear some off beat ones too thrown in the mix (the man with 2 heads?)
Also no rasputin stash's the devil made me do it? Diabolically funky. Fantastic stuff as usual. Big love from the UK

Squani Jun 30, 2015
nothing but Love for you Guys !!!! NICE !!!!
funkykayo Apr 17, 2012
I had NEVER heard the "Back From Hell" remix before - CLASSIC Cube and Chuck D.! Big ups to Static and Groove!
Keith H Jan 26, 2012
LOL Ya'll my favorite DJs. Not skipping show 666.
Rob UK Jan 20, 2012
Wefunk rockin' it!! Spreading the word in Madrid Spain..
Peace Rob U.K.

AdmFunk Jan 4, 2012
Mobb Deep!!! dope track!!!
eumatik_fanatik Dec 11, 2011
Love the theme!!!!!! Definitely one of my favorite shows yet!
steve Dec 9, 2011
love when you guys rep Philly with JMT - keep these shows hot! I'll get up to Montreal some day...
kawikabrown Dec 1, 2011
Big ups for compiling Blaxploitation cuts and interviews. I have always loved the music from these films!
mp Nov 30, 2011
pure evil... lol
iaian Nov 26, 2011
Dope show, I dig the demonic 666 tunes. Keep it up, u guys are the best.
Dylan Kell-Kirkman Nov 23, 2011
bvm - thanks for the feedback. And yeah, I'm probably better at talking than mixing! ;)
awdemuth Nov 22, 2011
Show 666... one of my favorites in oh so long.
hilendr Nov 21, 2011
hell I love U guys
let's go down swinging

cmaz Nov 21, 2011
whimsical theme...thought I'd add Big Daddy Kane-Dancing with the Devil. Love the show.
JailbirdJay Nov 20, 2011
Dope show as always, but to keep down confusion; the Big L (R.I.P.) track is not "5 fingas of death" (also a dope lamont track and D.I.T.C. posse cut), it's "Devil's son"...
PS not criticising... never was and never will be... ;)

Chinostylepm Nov 20, 2011
la mejor radio del género del mundo. son los mejores, viva el funk, viva el rap, viva el hip hop, viva we funk!
Soyasoce Nov 19, 2011
Paris still blast !!!
WEFUNK occupy HK !!!
666 thxs!!!

sbab Nov 19, 2011
excellent , superbe,grandiose, nice show !!! thank's !!
mon Nov 19, 2011
gracias por estar ahii siempre en mis buenos y malos momentos..
rafael Nov 19, 2011
Imagine! And I will keep up listening WeFunk.....
Danboy Nov 18, 2011
Imaging when the three six gonna be flipped for show 999!!! One day...
bvm Nov 17, 2011
dylan - just wanted to add that i enjoyed your commentary on the show. as a dedicated listener, i love the tight wefunk mixes for sure, but some explication every now and then is nice too. (btw ... "diagetic" ... nice word, i had to look that one up :)
todabeat Nov 17, 2011
О, ценим!
Jabu Nov 17, 2011
Love the shaft in africa tunes but missing the sound experience and devil with the bust :(
ДУНЫЧ Nov 17, 2011
666 show
Ай горячее дерьмо

Dylan Kell-Kirkman Nov 16, 2011
bvm - there are other examples of pre-blaxploitation films that have utilised popular music (Blackboard Jungle from 1955 is one). The Graduate is interesting partly because the non-diagetic music consists mostly (if not solely) of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds Of Silence". A lot of "blaxploitation" film scores, however, consisted of a relatively high proportion of popular music - much more so than what was usual during that time. Of course, some people would argue (and not wrongly necessarily) that film music is "popular music". Anyway, thanks for pointing that out!
Dylan Kell-Kirkman Nov 16, 2011
bvm - you're absolutely right. Good spot!
bvm Nov 16, 2011
"The Graduate" soundtrack (1967) is one example of a popular music film score that predates the blaxploitation era.
Seb Nov 16, 2011
Hot like Lucifer. Thanks!

Show 666

Tales from the crypt: Triple-6 is in the mix with diabolical sounds by The Devils, Howlin' Wolf, The Gravediggaz, Big L and Mobb Deep. Plus a cinematic journey through film's funkiest era with Blaxploitation sounds from Willie Hutch, Roy Ayers, Gene Page, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and more.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Dylan / RECORDED October 14, 2011 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • prologue: the season when darkness reigns
  • radio citizen - skyscrapers (blend with vincent price - witchcraft & magic - an adventure in demonology)
  • talk (over rjd2 - the horror)
  • devils - the x-sorcist
  • chubukos - boogie the devil in (bump the devil out)
  • mighty ryeders - evil vibrations
  • howlin' wolf - evil
  • talk (over gene page - blacula strikes, gene page - movin')
  • o.c. smith - blowin' your mind   (from shaft's big score)
  • johnny pate - shaft in africa (addis)
  • gene page - the stock walk   (from blacula)
  • talk (over cecil holmes soulful sounds - slaughter)
  • james brown - slaughter theme   (from slaughter's big rip off)
  • joe simon & the mainstreeters - theme from cleopatra jones
  • willie hutch - theme of the mack
  • dennis coffey - theme from black belt jones
  • talk (over edwin starr - ain't it hell up in harlem instrumental)
  • paris - the devil made me do it
  • run-d.m.c. feat. chuck d. & ice cube - back from hell (remix)
  • gravediggaz - from the dark side
  • diamond d. feat. big l. - 5 fingas of death
  • big l. - devil's son (alternate version)
  • snoop doggy dogg - murder was the case
  • notorious b.i.g. - suicidal thoughts
  • raekwon feat. ghostface killah - heaven & hell
  • talk (over curtis mayfield - freddie's dead)
  • marvin gaye - t. stands for trouble   (from trouble man)
  • roy ayers - coffy is the color   (from coffy)
  • talk (over roy ayers - aragon)
  • bobby womack & j.j. johnson - across 110th street, part 2
  • four tops - are you man enough?   (from shaft in africa)
  • willie hutch - out there   (from foxy brown)
  • geto boys - mind playing tricks on me
  • d'angelo - devil's pie
  • mobb deep - hell on earth
  • jedi mind tricks feat. sean price - blood runs cold
  • d.j. krush feat. tragedy - real
  • talk (over gravediggaz - mommy what's a gravedigga instrumental)
  • whitefield brothers feat. guilty simpson - american nightmare

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