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Doc o Funk Oct 6, 2014
Hello to the team that helps me explore the wonderful music everyday. Can you add a volume meter on the interface brothers? That would be awsome. Furthermore, what happened to the vlc plugin that was working before some time and now i only have to use the website to hear this music? Peace!
redzoro Oct 2, 2013
yo! twist brakingz crew athens city representing bboyin greece aight!
marcco May 25, 2013
yeeah Flamingo, czech band with Lady Soul, bloody cool Mr. Creeasian, tnx
that fucking jew from st lou May 6, 2012
love that lee dorsey-keep waiting for Fat Lip to ride that lick tho "today's ur day fool, watchu gon do"
that fucking jew from st lou May 6, 2012
zz top made it into the mix-everything is everything
NJ May 5, 2012
Keep coming back to this! Peace and love from the UK too.
NJ May 5, 2012
Was ill last week and sat up listening to this in bed...Those first two tracks, the johnny bristol and spanky wilson numbers, had me better again in no time! Proof that funk really is the best medicine. Brilliant show guys, so good it hurts - keep up the good funk!
Lace May 2, 2012
I got spanked by Spanky Wilson twice. It hurt...but in a good way. What a great show. Peace n Love to the WeFunk family from the UK.
pete Apr 30, 2012
@Tillz - thats Cold Sweat by James Brown
b Apr 21, 2012
MickLaRock Apr 16, 2012
Flamingo...I never heard this track. very dope.
Tillz Apr 12, 2012
What's that first song in the intro with the horns? That be tight.
Mihai Apr 11, 2012
Those first two tracks that CreeAsian opened up with are just plain crazy. Gives me the shivers.
Danboy Apr 10, 2012
Nice set, couples of Soulful Beat!!!
DJheteroglossic Apr 7, 2012
That Crazy Elephant is too dope! Loved this one.
Claire Apr 4, 2012
Stuck on repeat this show: Nostalgia. How can I never have heard this before!?!
Tyas Apr 1, 2012
Nostalgia, Diazpora, a car with windows open, a breath of fresh air - that's it!
SoAnne Mar 30, 2012
I am so happy that creeasian announce about our culture. Nakurmiik.
frank Mar 30, 2012
creeasian's first set is great!!!
whitney Mar 27, 2012
so many funky beats i was scaring my neighbours with my dance moves. static, groove, creeasian, y'all killed it!
Soyasoce Mar 27, 2012
We Funk will teach Confucius to dance one day !!!Groovy !Big up from hk, where the sun is back with show 679. Awesome. Best.
Mark Mar 26, 2012
That Crazy Elephant track is the Shulepees edit version. Much phatter than the original!
Uncuffed Mar 26, 2012
That bass line on Nostalgia 77 is a cradle for my ass, baby!
Uncuffed Mar 26, 2012
Will be checking out Nora Kinga Becker and Alice Russell. Groovy.
hahahahaha Mar 26, 2012
It's defo not m.pokora down there, unless he moved on to some new vibes :)
boogdrew Mar 24, 2012
got a slight doubt about that m.pokora track:) dont really thing its that rnb singer:)
Sardo (italy) Mar 23, 2012
Great DJ Set for bboys...thanks man from Milano!
kalvokan Mar 23, 2012
funky funk excelente show! saludos desde colombia
Redrum Mar 22, 2012
Dope show Thank you sharing music that we hear at jams but don't know the titles!!
Richmond, CA Mar 22, 2012
Love it when Too $hort gets mixed into your shows!
KRIP. Mar 22, 2012
every show is a great!!
big probs from da sWiSs cHeEs!

mikeB Mar 21, 2012
Great, great show!
wavezz Mar 21, 2012
flamingo - tisic tvari lasky NICE shot from Czech Rep. ;)
bertlit Mar 21, 2012
I believe title Enzo is not from M.Pokora
edpowers Mar 20, 2012
great show!!!! you guys are the mottz
p.s. the unkown track is "Ghetto Funk" by Boris Gardiner i believe.

trueninjagreen Mar 20, 2012
thank u
do it for the dancers
we funk radio
hot hot hotness

Tom Gutjahr Mar 20, 2012
Great show (again!) and thx for the shout out & play of Diazpora!

Show 679

Power of the drums: DJ Creeasian stirs up a hornet's nest of b-boy breaks by Johnny Bristol, Crazy Elephant, Spanky Wilson, The Ogyatanaa Show Band and more. Plus rough funk covers from Diazpora and Nostalgia 77, Czech rock breaks by Flamingo, West Coast beats by DJ Quik and Too Short, and a spotlight on hip-hop and R&B tracks built from Lou Donaldson's seminal "Ode to Billy Joe" break.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Creeasian / RECORDED February 17, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • digable planets - escapism (gettin' free)
  • talk (over d.j. quik - quik's groove)
  • ice cube - what can i do (eastside remix)
  • volume 10 - pistolgrip-pump
  • too short - just another day
  • johnny bristol - lusty lady   (start of creeasian's 1st set)
  • spanky wilson & the quantic soul orchestra - waiting for your touch
  • david baptiste - funky soul
  • lefties soul connection - welly wanging
  • quantic soul orchestra - super 8
  • lefties soul connection - scorpio
  • diplomats of solid sound feat. the diplomettes - hurt me so (lack of afro mix)
  • lee dorsey - give it up (fuzzbox edit)
  • new mastersounds - the rooster
  • z.z. top - it's only love   (end of creeasian's 1st set)
  • after.words - maybe
  • percee p. feat. prince po - last of the greats (remix)
  • society - yes 'n' deed
  • mary j. blige feat. craig mack - you don't have to worry (remix)
  • grand puba - reel to reel
  • bush babees - maybe
  • black sheep - strobelight honey (no we didn't mix)   (start of creeasian's 2nd set)
  • roots - web
  • rufus thomas - itch & scratch
  • __ - __   (unknown song)
  • ogyatanaa show band - disco africa
  • fabulous originals - it aint fair, but it's fun
  • dirty dozen brass band - ain't nothing but a party
  • crazy elephant - pam
  • boris gardiner happening - ghetto funk
  • spanky wilson & the quantic soul orchestra - message to tomorrow   (end of creeasian's 2nd set)
  • cookin' on 3 burners feat. kylie auldist - push it up
  • flamingo - tisic tvari lasky (25 or 6 to 9)
  • diazpora feat. nora kinga becker - song 2
  • nostalgia 77 feat. alice russell - seven nation army (mister t's easy listening project mix)
  • talk (over opolopo - twenty-second thoughts)
  • marion gaines singers - do your thing (scratchandsniff re-rub)

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