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jasper staal Apr 21, 2013
I practically do ALL my work while listening to WeFunk. Great combo, great station 3
jason hardy Apr 18, 2013
from England, this show is so sick... We Funk is all i ever listen too.
daniel Apr 15, 2013
nice swing groove, i like
Devil Feb 21, 2013
I am Gods nemesis and this show is hotter than hell!
God Feb 11, 2013
Hello, I am the God Of Funk and I approve this show.
Keifus Jan 29, 2013
YO..DaRon, its all funk here my brother..Enjoy that flow!!
Keifus Jan 27, 2013
Sowce cummin` at ya
Ric Jan 23, 2013
p.s. @paulio Use this as a lesson of how important tune selection is over scholarly mixes.
Ric Jan 22, 2013
Ruby 'Legend' Jane.
matt Jan 17, 2013
this is some sick shit dauggg
pinupbrenda Jan 16, 2013
great mix with evil woman!!
mp Jan 16, 2013
ruby janes got skills...and tunes!
Kim Jan 16, 2013
Great show for a rainy winter morning when work needs some inspiration.
KnowFun Jan 15, 2013
Yes!! Excellent show (as always)! Listening at work shamelessly dancing like no one is watching. Been listening from the beginning and now living in Australia STILL LISTENING. KEEP IT UP!!
JoJo-Z Jan 15, 2013
Love wakeing up to these tunes, so dope
Zdrzenicki Jan 15, 2013
Love the show!
yann Jan 14, 2013
Just love that tune from Al Hirt which was sampled by The Roots... Thanks for my funk injection, I needed that!
remco Jan 10, 2013
how I like Das EFX....microphone cheka, 1-2 cheka !!
Keifus Jan 10, 2013
Mix sounds awesome as always@Paulio get your hearing checked..Just saying. Haters gonna hate, waiting on your mixtape?? Don't worry I'll wait!
angelo Jan 10, 2013
Mano essa rádio concerteza e a melhor , abraços Brazil , rio de janeiro
DJ Static Jan 9, 2013
@Paulio: Sounds pretty tight to me!
paulio Jan 8, 2013
the future retro bit i meant, ruby jane is it?
paulio Jan 8, 2013
the mixing on this is awefull! we all drop the ball now & again but come on...
Mihai Jan 7, 2013
I should be to Favorite star the intro!
esther Jan 3, 2013
hey, good starter, happy new year!!!
max Jan 3, 2013
nice gap mangione - keith mansfield transition, thanks for al hirt discovery^^
foune Dec 29, 2012
Thank you for all the work ! keep it on ! On goin mad on the family stand's track :)

Show 715

Future-retro: Ruby Jane gets into electroswing inspired tracks from Brenda Boykin, Esthero, and Common with Jill Scott. Plus bass-heavy East Coast funk by EPMD and Hit Squad associates, rough grooves from The Inmates and Ikebe Shakedown, jazz breaks & samples by Keith Mansfield and Al Hirt, and demos & cover versions from Michael Jackson, Jack McDuff and Momodelic.

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Ruby Jane / RECORDED November 23, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • e.p.m.d. feat. das e.f.x. - cummin' at cha
  • talk (over e.p.m.d. - you're a customer instrumental)
  • das e.f.x. - straight out the sewer (remix)
  • redman - pick it up (remix)
  • redman - pick it up
  • e.p.m.d. feat. redman, method man & lady luck - symphony 2000
  • aim - just passing through   (start of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • j.t. donaldson - trust me (original stepper's mix)
  • family stand - you don't have to worry (d.j. eleven remix)
  • mashed up funk - the m.i.a. jive
  • brenda boykin - hard swing travellin' man (smoove remix)
  • esthero - wikked lil' grrrls
  • common feat. jill scott - i am music
  • dirty dubsters - swing it brother (nufunk mix)   (end of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • soul saints orchestra - augusta georgia (here i come)
  • tala andre marie - tcham tcham
  • ikebe shakedown - tujunga
  • inmates - bread and water
  • e.s.g. - moody
  • thievery corporation feat. david byrne - the heart's a lonely hunter (louie vega remix)
  • momodelic - funkin' for jamaica   (start of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • michael jackson - al capone
  • nickodemus feat. the real live show - sun children
  • sly & the family stone with janet jackson & d.j. reset - thank you nation 1814
  • super 3 - when you're standing on the top (instrumental)
  • four tops - standing (waxist edit)
  • inner west soul - part one (evil woman)   (end of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • john dankworth & his orchestra - two-piece flower
  • joe thomas - green dragon
  • al hirt - harlem hendoo
  • art jerry miller - finger-lickin' good
  • gap mangione - diana in the autumn wind
  • keith mansfield - incidental backcloth no. 3
  • talk (over awakening - slinky, joe gallardo & sol - maranatha)
  • jack mcduff - ain't no sunshine

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