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NJ Jun 26, 2020
Digging back into the archives... that Breakfast club joint made me immediately dig around for any leftovers Nesquik cereal i had...the days as a kid are the best times! Great sample moments from early Kendrick and that Tupac orchestral mashup was mind blowing. Think you need go update playlist to include the Police track, just before/after Gay Marvine ? Big love from Newcastle, the UK
DJ.Cutsfaster Jul 8, 2014
k.c. & the sunshine band - i get lifted ... absolut OLDSCHOOL KULT !!!
FUNK OLDSCHOOL KULT ... dayton feat. bootsy collins - krackity-krack ... LOOOVE IT !!!
kendrick lamar - sing about me / i'm dying of thirst - LOOOVE the instrumantal !!!
a tribe called quest - electric relaxation ... LOOOVE IT !!!

JDUB in SOCAL Feb 27, 2014
still hittin; still heat... summers comin boys.. keep it up
narkh Feb 20, 2014
Excellent show, loved the vibe. thumbs up for you guys again (it's getting dull :P)
Wriggled on my chair while at work, some damn good tracks (Gay Marvine/Sting and/or Breakfast club). Kudos to Camero

mdStP Feb 19, 2014
I'm pretty sure I heard - The Police (Sting) "when the world is running down" great track either way
HughPhug Feb 18, 2014
lovin that Petty joint, real nice.
one love

Gtek Feb 17, 2014
Heavy Future Funk with Bass Heavy Grooves! Always wanted a better way to describe my favorite music!
In Funk We Trust!

Gtek Feb 16, 2014
Just shared the 1st Breakfast Club jam on my FB this Saturday... Still playing, and my Ears are looking forward to the rest of the show already!
Kensethgirl17 Feb 15, 2014
Love it! Love it! Love it! - Now you know the love is there lol
trueninjagreen Feb 14, 2014
keep up the good work guys
bboy trueninjagreen sf cali

Show 761

DJ Camero's back with bass-heavy grooves from René & Angela, sample originals by Grant Green and Leroy Hutson, a pair of Todd Terje edits, and lots of laid-back beats & rhymes from Kendrick Lamar, Petty, Quasimoto and more. Plus heavy future funk from Julian Dyne, raw funk burners from Lee Fields and Billy Byrds, and an ode to Saturday morning cartoons by Z-Trip, Murs and Supernat.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, DJ Camero / RECORDED December 13, 2013 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • z-trip feat. murs & supernatural - breakfast club
  • talk (over fat joe - bust at you instrumental)
  • d.j. skizz feat. roc marciano, a.g., o.c. & godfather part iii - light years
  • kazi - a.v.e.r.a.g.e.
  • quasimoto - low class conspiracy
  • strange fruit project feat. vitamin d. - pinball
  • rené & angela - i'll be good   (start of camero's 1st set)
  • onra - brenton's revenge
  • k.c. & the sunshine band - i get lifted (todd terje tangoterje edit)
  • crusaders - my lady (todd terje tangoterje edit)
  • crusaders - my lady   (end of camero's 1st set)
  • parliament - unfunky u.f.o.
  • creative swing alliance - monday
  • julien dyne - limes
  • sharon revoal - reaching for our star
  • glenn underground - love bug
  • dayton feat. bootsy collins - krackity-krack
  • grant green - maybe tomorrow   (start of camero's 2nd set)
  • kendrick lamar - sing about me / i'm dying of thirst
  • leroy hutson - so in love
  • adagio! - hold tight
  • i.n.i. - fakin jax (blend with taku - backwards instrumental)
  • i.n.i. - fakin jax (blend with action bronson - suede instrumental)
  • bucwhead - no dummy
  • quasimoto - axe puzzles
  • vitamin string quartet - i get around (blend with 2pac - i get around)
  • a tribe called quest - electric relaxation (jim sharp revisit)
  • petty - drinking with the old heads   (end of camero's 2nd set)
  • sinnamon - thanks to you
  • gay marvine - i hate the food i eat
  • tracy weber - sure shot (pied piper jamstrumental regroove)
  • talk (over lord echo - digital haircut, skylevel - picture tomorrow)
  • jack & the mods - it's your thing
  • billy byrd - lost in the crowd
  • lee fields - cutting out (on me)

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