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preeze Oct 13, 2018
remember him at all clubs downtown when I was a kid, this guys been at it for a while, still reppin TO hard..
NJ Oct 4, 2018
Agreed with other comments - DJ Grouch is a talented guy, but complete overuse of sound effects and turntablism going on. To the point where it was spoiling the damn tracks. Keep it cool and neat!
emilio Sep 18, 2018
solid show! Lotus always brings such heart, love his energy. looooved the tracks in that Grouch set - so smooth - and that De La Soul-Steely Dan mix was slick! let me say with the utmost respect and constructive criticism, though: the sound effects were too much. i'm OK with occasional signatures and shouts, but i felt like a siren went off whenever i was feeling the groove. still, serious talent on display in that mix!
DJ Static Sep 18, 2018
Grouch is a personal favorite and a SICK DJ and turntablist... Love his sets this time around. If you focus on the actual mix you'll know what i mean
Flip Sep 17, 2018
Highly annoying and repetitive. Is there really any need to keep playing the same lame 3 sound efx/name drops over and over on EVERY track?...completely ruined the whole show.

Show 954

Scorching turntable pyrotechnics on DJ Grouch's wild ride through classic funk and hip-hop. Plus jazz excursions by Ryan Porter and Herbie Hancock, knockout verses from Royce and Eminem on "Caterpillar", and a spirited live session with Jai Nitai Lotus.

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, DJ Grouch, Jai Nitai Lotus / RECORDED June 22, 2018 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • stetsasonic - check da styles
  • talk (over nas - nastradamus instrumental)
  • main source - just hangin' out (remix)
  • mad skillz - it's goin' down
  • craig mack - jockin' my style
  • d.j. krush feat. mos def - shinjiro
  • earth, wind & fire - moment of truth   (start of d.j. grouch's 1st set)
  • b.t. express - the express
  • fatback band - dance girl
  • gaz - sing sing
  • central line - walking into sunshine
  • l.l. cool j. - jingling baby (remix)
  • jimmy spicer - the bubble bunch
  • pieces of a dream - mt. airy groove (rap version)
  • bill doggett - honky tonk
  • gwen mccrae - all this love that i'm giving
  • chaka khan - fate
  • first choice - love thang
  • sylvia striplin - give me your love
  • prince - i wanna be your lover
  • boz scaggs - lowdown
  • linda lewis - old smokey
  • u.m.c.'s - blue cheese
  • spinners - i'll be around (grizart hip hop remix)
  • j.rocc - boogie blamin (45 king special)   (end of d.j. grouch's 1st set)
  • talk with jai nitai lotus (over m.e.d. - where i'm from instrumental)
  • jai nitai lotus - breathe (live in studio)
  • talk with jai nitai lotus
  • royce da 5'9" feat. eminem & king green - caterpillar
  • copywrite - yasiin bey
  • pete rock & camp lo feat. m.o.p. - no uniform
  • notorious b.i.g. - kick in the door (d.j. 7.l. blend)
  • blu & nottz feat. nitty scott - boyz ii men (diamond d. remix)
  • crusaders - merry-go-round   (start of d.j. grouch's 2nd set)
  • organized konfusion - walk into the sun (remix)
  • ultramagnetic m.c.'s - poppa large (beatminerz remix)
  • eric b. & rakim - juice (know the ledge)
  • weldon irvine - we gettin' down
  • billy brooks - fourty days
  • ronnie foster - mystic brew
  • de la soul - eye know (the know it all remix)
  • steely dan - peg
  • hall & oates - i can't go for that
  • slave - just a touch of love
  • wreck all stars - one touch
  • alicia myers - i want to thank you
  • funkadelic - (not just) knee deep
  • de la soul - me, myself & i
  • mighty ryeders - evil vibrations
  • johnny pate - shaft in africa (s.t.f. edit)
  • roberto roena y su apollo sound - que se sepa (grizart heby duty refix)   (end of d.j. grouch's 2nd set)
  • dopegems - journey to the shore
  • talk (over ryan porter - little sunflower)
  • herbie hancock - maiden voyage
  • joão donato - the frog
  • zero db - click

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