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Show 877

Show 877: Florian Keller administers a heavy funk fix with big band grooves from his native Germany, simmering funk from Skip Mahoney & The Casuals, and classic Soul Train heat by The Dramatics. Plus a live session with 3 new generation Montreal artists, sweet Brazilian boogie by Cristina Camargo, superb 90s remixes by Adam Kay and Evil Needle, and a downtempo UK burner by The Deadbeats.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Florian Keller, Lou Piensa, Butta Beats, Sam I Am Montolla, Rayana Speede, Shad Ednur, Fil Al

Show 840

Show 840: We're back for another wild week of Funding Drive with in-studio sampler finesse by the Loop Pilots, sublime vibes from London lyricist 4i, good-time boogie funk by Zackey Force Funk and Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, raw beats and soul from Brownout and Myles Sanko, a signature Pharrell remix of A Tribe Called Quest's classic "Bonita Applebum", and old school flavors by Crash Crew and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Lou Piensa, Dr. MaD, Nubian Néné

Show 783

Show 783: Static and Groove reunite in the CKUT studios for a live session packed with hip hop jewels by Masta Ace & Common, raw break-driven funk from Orgone & The Nairobi Afro Band, and live cyphers featuring members of Nomadic Massive along with Loe Pesci, Nox and Fredy V.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Lou Piensa, Butta Beats, Nox, Waahli, Fredy V, Myriam, Loe Pesci

Show 663

Show 663: "Ordinary" Guy: Latin soul legend Joe Bataan visits WEFUNK with stories of Spanish Harlem back in the day, his musical ascent and connections with the new funk generation. Plus: Reworks of Prince and Fela/Dela (c/o Ruby Jane), boogie goodness from Delegation and Oliver Cheatham, and a sample moment with soul-powered 90s hip-hop by Intelligent Hoodlum and Grand Daddy I.U.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Ruby Jane, Joe Bataan, Yvonne Bataan, Lou Piensa, Ray Poncin, Frank Rodriguez

Show 521

Show 521: Vox Sambou from Nomadic Massive gives WEFUNK a tour of his new solo album "Lakay". Vernon Burch, Edwin Starr and Bigfoot reveal the rough underbelly of the disco era. And Static drops a fiery uptempo hip hop set finishing off with a Jungle Brothers/People's Choice sample moment.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Vox Sambou, Lou Piensa, Butta Beats, Rawgged

Show 515

Show 515: WEFUNK rounds up another Funding Drive cypher featuring the inimitable Loe Pesci, Butta Beats, Lou Piensa and Blackbird. And at last, the much-sought secret of one of our new intros is revealed: Midnight Express' monster boogie track "Danger Zone".
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Butta Beats, Lou Piensa, Blackbird, Loes, Ziploks, Nesha, Uwe

Show 412

Show 412: Nomadic Massive drops by the studio to premiere tracks off their new EP Nomad's Land and showcase influences behind the group's music. Groove slides from rough to smoothed-out with uptempo soul/funk selections.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Lou Piensa, Meryem, Vox Sambou, Narcycist, Kamau

Show 369

Show 369: Funding drive 2005: Raising cash for CKUT, featuring special guests Obsesion from Cuba and freestyle sessions with Lou Piensa, Butta Beats and Loes.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Lou Piensa, Butta Beats, Obsesion, Loes, Scorpion Princess

Show 356

Show 356: DJ Static brings the heat — a rollercoaster ride through hip-hop across the eras.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Lou Piensa

Show 339

Show 339: Just the raw joints.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Rawgged, Lou Piensa, James
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