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Posted 7 days ago
Hubbz finds diamonds in the groove with modern funk from E. Live, Starship Connection, Amalia, Trailer Limon and more. Plus a Polo devotional from Kool Taj the Gr8, exhilarating gospel funk from B.Slade and our salute to soul legend Betty Wright.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Lil'dave takes flight with futuristic sounds from Sa-Ra, TY and MonoNeon, then lets the funk flow with Buscrates, The Goods, Daniel Crawford and more. Plus quarantine grooves from XL Middleton, a record store salute by Dragon Fli Empire and a bumpin retro revival from the Fabreeze Brothers.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Southpaw Chop delivers an all-vinyl set of stick-to-your-ribs boombap and original samples featuring Large Professor, 45 King, Bill Evans, 5th Dimension and many more. Plus covid relief from Esoteric, shamisen breaks from Rinsyoe Kida & Akira Ishikawa, jazz chemistry from Skyzoo and Dumbo Station, and a testament to Bill Withers' genius from Andy Votel.
Posted 3 weeks ago
BJ Piggo locks into the groove with fresh soul by Benny Sings and Terri Walker, breezy R&B from Aaron Taylor and inspired reworks by Unwrapped and DOC Mastermind. Plus a powerful Prince play from Reggie B, mashup magic from DJ B.Cause and soaring lyricism from Jay Electronica and Rapsody.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Zattar unleashes rough African disco from the Ugly Creatures, Blay Ambolley, Abel Lima, Dur-Dur Band and more. Plus pyroclastic flows from the Lessondary Crew, a "Sunny" breeze from Conclave & Seven Davis Jr, and headnoddic bliss from Pep Love and The Get By.
Posted 5 weeks ago
dj magicsean hits the sweet spot with 2-step R&B from Mint Condition, Sa-Deuce, Jesse Powell, MN8, and Shanice. Plus a carefree caper from Dreamville, twilight cocktails with Aldorande and a soulful anthem for these "Changing Times" from Frankie Beverly & Maze.
February 21, 2020
Andy Williams dishes out a jambalaya of rough funk by The Grits, soaring soul from Al Green, arcade madness from Digi Onze and a touch of reggae from The Resonators. Plus a sumptuous orchestral nod to Dilla, a dubbed-out dive into "D" Train and sublime headnod from Ratherpapes and Kev Brown.
February 14, 2020
Hip-hop legend DJ Cash Money returns with a blast from his new "Street Cash" release, a behind the beats interview and breaks galore. Plus boombap fury from Japan's Southpaw Chop and DJ Muro, a divine Black Star x Madlib blend, and stripped-down funk perfection from the Meters.
February 7, 2020
Mr Neal and Phil The Gap intoxicate with modern funk and satin grooves from Major Harris, Howard Johnson, Mofak, Shuko and more. Plus a souled out Saukrates teamup with Common, the return of Detroit legend T3, a deep boogie favorite from China Burton, and Moniquea's spicy "Who's That Girl".
January 31, 2020
Sugarface crisscrosses the globe from Brazil to Cameroon with choice cuts from Banda Black Rio, Sampa the Great, Pasteur Lappé and Yuksek & Fatnotronic. Plus a thumping soul flip from Tokyo digger Kazahaya, supreme god flow from Denaun, and ferocious raw funk by Frankie Newsome and Cappy & Stonewall.