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Posted 2 days ago
Iced Misto traverses the globe delivering ill grooves from Shintaro Sakamoto, Letta Mbulu and Bosq, then shows love to banging future beats by Lnguage, Wantigga, and Jarreau Vandal. Plus honey tongued madness from Marley C, exquisite vibes from Manchester's KinKai, and Public Enemy's return on the star-studded "Fight The Power 2020".
Posted 10 days ago
DJ Mks brings the Brazilian sun with Marcos Valle, Sabrina Malheiros and Lucas Arruda along with exquisite grooves from Potatohead People, First Touch and more. Plus motherland rhythms from Oneness of Juju, champion sounds from Sir Veterano, and Aretha regrooved on the cool and confident "1-Step" remix.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Frank BLVD goes on a wild caper through some of the funkiest vintage TV scores with the Bionic Woman, Shaft, The Amazing Spiderman and more. Plus shimmering 80s cuts from BB&Q Band and Cherrelle, a sisterly salute from Rapsody, cracking revamps by Lord Finesse and DJ Fleg and defiant soul from the Harlem Gospel Travelers.
Posted 3 weeks ago
DJ Dmoe sets the record straight with barrio sounds from the legendary Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri and deeper cuts by Jimmy Salcedo, Wganda Kenya and Johnny Zamot. Plus a classic Redman wildout on "Its a Banguh", Chinese soul respun by Preservation, and a joyful disco lift from the New York Community Choir and Two Tons O' Fun.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Dante Maxwell gets down with Westcoast underground sounds from Defari, Kankick and Fatlip then launches into late night basement grooves by Children of Zeus and Henry Wu. Plus a sweet soul serenade from the O'Jays, warm summer breeze from the Camarão Orkestra and a poignant call to action from Anderson .Paak.
Posted 5 weeks ago
Revolutionary rhymes: Rawsoul revisits conscious selections from the 90s with Public Enemy, Arrested Development, X Clan, Mos Def, and Ras Baraka. Plus poignant wake-up calls from Nas and Khemist, relentless disco heat by The Galaxians, and an unexpected splash of Danish funk from Lotte Kærså.
June 26, 2020
Soulist takes a freeflowing trip through international grooves from Chuks Ejelonu, Velly Joonas, Henri Texier, Joutro Mundo and more. Plus infectious jazz rap from São Paulo's Mental Abstrato, another spellbinding rework from Amerigo Gazaway, and unstoppable Afrofunk from Olatunji and Tony Levielle.
June 19, 2020
DJ Moar strikes gold with classic sounds from El Da Sensei, Frankenstein, The Vibe Drops, Rita J and more. Plus Murs' heartfelt salute to PUTS, no frills rawness from Nottz & Umse, a sky high Red & Meth blend, and a toast to the superb soul of Bonnie Pointer.
June 12, 2020
Black Lives Matter: This extended episode is dedicated to all the lives lost to systemic racism. We sit down with Nantali Indongo to discuss ways we can move forward as a community and concrete things we can all do to promote freedom, justice and equality. We also spotlight music from the front lines of the struggle from the civil rights era to now with powerful tracks by Aretha Franklin, Pharoah Sanders, Wyatt Waddell, J. Cole and Felisha George.
June 5, 2020
Scott C homes in on UK hip-hop with Ty, Gawd Status and Juga-naut then launches into reworks and surprises from Aroop Roy, Newtrament and Shall I Bruk It. Plus an R.I.P. tribute to Little Richard at his funkiest, a black power anthem from Salaam Remi & Ceelo Green, and blasts against police brutality from Gil Scott-Heron and Reggie B.