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Show 570

Show 570: Endings & new beginnings: We lay down one last session with DJ Static in the studio, before he heads out to expand WEFUNK in Vancouver. Featuring lots of Wu affiliated tracks, sister soul from the Three Degrees and Sisters Love, fat blazing synths by The Simonsound, space funk by U.F.O. and Cameo, a Del/Meters sample moment, and a little reminiscing!
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Rawgged, Fredy V, Meryem

Show 500

Show 500: WEFUNK celebrates our 500th show with another classic live session featuring some of Montreal's finest emcees, vocalists, beatboxes and live trumpet, mixed to perfection with bangin' beats and heavyweight funk.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Lotus, Karma, Butta Beats, Think Twice, Blackbird, Noé, Fredy V, Loes, Rob, Rawgged, Malika, Meryem

Show 412

Show 412: Nomadic Massive drops by the studio to premiere tracks off their new EP Nomad's Land and showcase influences behind the group's music. Groove slides from rough to smoothed-out with uptempo soul/funk selections.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Lou Piensa, Meryem, Vox Sambou, Narcycist, Kamau
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