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mc gr Apr 9, 2013
love your music and the way you present it....i ve learned a lot over djing cause of your choices man! respect from athens greece
bustown.buddah.monk Feb 18, 2011
Static sounds high in the episode
eS Dec 30, 2009
Show isnt loading up :( one of my favs too... not sure why other shows are working great..
geofersun Sep 7, 2007
those two peanutbutter wolf and charisma joint was offf the hook yall know what time it is... keep it early 90's dudes. my personal haysus'es....
DustinBragg Mar 25, 2007
Dig it, a playlist would be useful to find out some of the song names.
Fabrizio Mar 6, 2006
Molto bello, Spendido, Fantastico. Colpito ai Battiti del cuore. I want to thank you for to spread this sound soul color! I live in italy and I want to know more about funky music and other .
You' re great and i wish you long life Mister Groove and all you. A presto

sophie Dec 6, 2005
love good soul
cybercrafty Aug 20, 2005
this radio is very cool! ! ! I´m here in the brasil hearing! ! congratulations! ! Here in my city he doesn't have radio. . . unhappily. . .
Gustavo Ruas Naves Aug 20, 2005
I'm live in Brazil, and ur mix r very good. I'm made crazy when I'm listen to show.
Th4nk'z for play this fuckin good music.

AnToN-FSG Apr 20, 2004
yeah!! FUNK RULEZ!!
HAKER Dec 2, 2003
This has to be one of the hottest
mixes colaborated of funk and rap.
This one is so hot it will leave you phazed as fuck.
One of the cornerstone
mixes on the site.
Keep up the hotness

Candice Held Feb 21, 2003
Love the song about a "Sophisticated Lady" . . . who is the artist? May 26, 2002
Really fat show, funkay to da hell that is, but I wonder what song it was, that sounded like booker t & the MG's "Hip hug-her" with a drumloop at the end... But it wouldn't be the 1st time that I wonder about sum versions. And thats a good reason to listen to WeFunk
RoCKSTeADY Jan 13, 2002
I've heard 98% of all shows, and this one definately rocks them all!! Great funk mixes & Hip-hop you wanna shake it to!

Show 213

Professor Groove brings laid-back, uptempo, and electronic funk, DJ Static drops jazzy hip-hop and old-school beats.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED December 7, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • edwin starr - easin' in
  • talk (over detroit sex machines - rap it together)
  • jack mcduff - hunk o'funk
  • joe tex - baby let me steal you
  • sweet charles - hang out & hustle
  • counts - rhythm changes
  • lord digga - feel it
  • masta ace - born to roll
  • large professor - the mad scientist
  • ras kass - remain anonymous
  • o'jays - for the love of money
  • o'jays - give the people what they want
  • brides of funkenstein - disco to go
  • natalie cole - sophisticated lady
  • eddie kendricks - keep on truckin'
  • nas - it ain't hard to tell (blend with tom scott - sneakin' in the back)
  • tom scott - sneakin' in the back
  • lords of the underground - lord jazz hit me one time
  • tom scott - sneakin' in the back
  • charizma & peanut butter wolf - my world premiere (remix)
  • charizma & peanut butter wolf - methods
  • gang starr - lovesick
  • ras kass - won't catch me runnin'
  • jigmastas - beyond real (remix)
  • talk (over ras kass - won't catch me runnin' instrumental)
  • watts 103rd st. rhythm band - spreadin' honey
  • cymande - willy's headache
  • new mastersounds - it's all right now
  • brooklyn people - wreck
  • blackbyrds - gut level
  • alvin cash - keep on dancing
  • sugarman 3 - __   (unknown song)
  • bobby byrd - i need help (i can't do it alone)
  • james brown - mashed potato popcorn
  • kool g. rap & d.j. polo - it's a demo
  • showbiz & a.g. - a giant in the mental
  • cut chemist - lesson 4: the radio
  • time zone - the wildstyle (dub)
  • talk (over ronnie laws - tidal wave)

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