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jvgraph Aug 21, 2009
Sup WEFUNK good show man I can never get enough of Manzel thatÂ’s album is pure gold. Thanks WEFUNK.
DJ Skip Intro Feb 22, 2007
whats that supermario track i hear being freestyled over!?
dr. fresh Apr 28, 2006
great show, but i miss the intro...
Enzine Apr 15, 2006
All I can say is "Bad Ass" this show rocks, Big shout outs from Wales, UK
Hoov-Dog Jun 1, 2005
The Best station in the universe
JF Feb 10, 2005
God Damn!
Otis and Carla doin' Tramp...I'm not hearing that sh*t on the air waves...

baal Jan 17, 2005
Kamel and mads, i do agree!
Jason Jan 17, 2005
cooooooollll music. hey great funk. hey im from Poland and i thing this is a piece of good funk music. kepp it reellllllll :)
Anderson Zaca Dec 6, 2004
You guys are NIIIIICEEEE!!!
We down here in Brooklyn appreciate your music.

Kamel Aug 4, 2004
yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa this show rocks!
mads Jun 18, 2004
this show is really what wefunk is all about, great funk and some really nice hip hop. also groovy freestyles about super mario and other importent stuff.
stephsky Mar 20, 2004
yo. these beats are made to groove!
Melissa Jan 12, 2004
This show provides a great mix and some solid tracks

Show 257

Party flavors

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Butta Beats, Ryan, Time 1 / RECORDED November 1, 2002 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & madssj / HOSTING daduke, PJ, CyberWurx hosting, Mike, Oliver & Greg. You can help too!


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  • otis redding - tramp
  • talk (over jurassic 5 - long road to glory instrumental)
  • o'jays - give the people what they want
  • natalie cole - sophisticated lady (she's a different lady)
  • parliament - give up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
  • people's choice - do it any way you wanna
  • commodores - brick house
  • brick - dazz
  • grandmaster flash - the message
  • brand nubian - slow down
  • eric b. & rakim - paid in full
  • talk (over jungle brothers - on the road again (q-tip remix instrumental))
  • intricate syndicate - the music
  • talk with butta beats & time 1 (over gang starr - full clip instrumental)
  • live rhymes by butta beats (over gang starr - full clip instrumental, mos def - mathematics instrumental, cocoa brovaz - super brooklyn instrumental)
  • magnum - it's the music that makes you do it
  • eddie bo - check your bucket
  • b.t. express - do it ('til you're satisfied)
  • cameo - post mortem
  • edwin starr - i just wanna do my thing
  • jackson sisters - i believe in miracles
  • aretha franklin - rock steady
  • impressions - we're a winner
  • war - sing a happy song
  • james brown - talkin' loud and sayin' nothing
  • explosions - hip drop
  • clarence wheeler & the enforcers - right on
  • highlighters band - the funky 16 corners
  • mighty ryeders - evil vibrations
  • wood, brass & steel - say what you want to say
  • manzel - space funk
  • talk (over manu dibango - soul makossa, upsetters - popcorn)
  • irregularz - dynamic diction

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CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK