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dim Dec 8, 2012
omg i love u ! ♫♫♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♫♥♫♫
Kevin SD Aug 17, 2012
I love this station. I'm really diggin the old school hip hop joints.
Majestic Dec 11, 2011
Ouch !
hughphug Nov 23, 2011
3XDope, fuck yea!
the power of three you sissy!

GHO$T Jun 12, 2011
Good Show!!! REAL GOOD SHOW!
itzz Apr 3, 2010
so sexy and outrageous. hey baby, these mixes run straight into my soul.
goldcortex Mar 18, 2010
truely one of the rawest, purest streetwised show... thnx again&again&again, peace
Ryan Feb 13, 2007
Shout out to We funk crew. One of the best episodes! HEAT. Simahlak ripped it too! Keep it up
seb foret Jun 6, 2006
this is real sound!
thumbs Jun 8, 2005
whao! big up simahlak and we funk bringing that classic raw shit!
Aaron RedSmeckle May 24, 2005
In my opinion, the best show of the 360's fo sure. Great classic & melodic funk riffs, mixed with stupendous hip-hop made for another great show
Eyerock1 Apr 15, 2005
Nuttin' but the raw deal. F'real... This set blew me away from start to finish. WeFunk ya'lls got iLL Wakz...Peace from SF
uglybob Apr 11, 2005
this site is dee oh pee ee, DOPE! loving the 'middle skool' stuff on 368 especially freestyle fellowship. keep it up funsters!
seth Apr 9, 2005
big greetz from germany. this is hiphop!
dillz Apr 4, 2005
niceness as usual. some love and respects to wefunk from Toronto
DJsnorre Apr 1, 2005
fett svart! svart som en svartman!
blunted on the kuts Mar 31, 2005
wax meltin' like butter of a hot biscut. peeps be throwin down on this joint! Feel the westcoast love from the bay area......
Xis Mar 29, 2005
bem loco meu!!! U programa de voceis eh muito foda. Muito bom mesmo!!! Salve da rapa aqui no Brasil!!! Pax...
tschorre Mar 29, 2005
that's it!!! - what a mix - what a groove - i'm gettin'higher!!! read about your station/side in the suisse magazin "word". happy to reach wefunkradio - compliments from germany " tschorre "
Sp1n Mar 27, 2005
Holy moly!!! i love this mix!!
akinyele - dear diary
crookly dodgers - crooklyn (blend)
those songs are dopest!!! you guys always open my eyes on new artists!!!
propz to yall!!!

Show 368

Our boy Simahlak is on the scene with loads of early 90s treats, plus a double dose of Static blends.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Simahlak / RECORDED March 25, 2005 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING Oliver, daduke, PJ, CyberWurx hosting, Mike & Greg. You can help too!

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  • intro
  • roy ayers - we live in brooklyn baby
  • talk (over john klemmer - free soul, kool & the gang - kool it (here comes the fuzz))
  • tony alvon & the belairs - sexy coffee pot
  • detroit city limits - 98 percent plus tax
  • united 8 - getting uptown (to get down)
  • u.t.d. - moon in cancer
  • akinyele - dear diary
  • crooklyn dodgers - crooklyn (blend)
  • guru - loungin'
  • dakah hip-hop orchestra feat. guru - jazz thing
  • nas - bridging the gap (blend)
  • u.m.c.'s - never never land (remix)
  • freestyle fellowship - let's start over
  • lone catalysts - en la ciudad
  • beatnuts - do you believe? (simahlak remix)
  • syl johnson - i'm talkin' about freedom
  • u.n. - the golden grail
  • helena hollins - china doll
  • enticers - thief
  • e.p.m.d. - funky piano
  • three times dope - mr. sandman
  • trends of culture - off and on
  • cash money & marvelous - real mutha for ya
  • mad kap - proof is in the puddin'
  • da youngsta's - wild child
  • king & i - flip the script
  • kool g. rap - on the run (remix)
  • tim dog & k.r.s.-one - i get wrecked
  • akinyele - ak ha ha! ak hoo hoo?
  • house of pain - shamrocks & shenanigans (muggs remix)
  • grand puba - lickshot
  • kid capri - you know my style
  • 3rd bass - steppin' to the a.m.
  • diamond & the psychotic neurotics - freestyle (yo, that's that sh..)
  • x-clan - funky lesson
  • disco 4 - do it do it
  • son of berserk - change the style
  • masta ace - movin' on (remix)
  • inspectah deck - power of god (simahlak remix)
  • hairy diamond - givin' up
  • red hot lover tone - give it up (diamond d. remix instrumental)
  • talk (over jungle brothers - brain instrumental)

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CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK