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jvgraph Mar 23, 2010
Great set WEFUNK just what i needed at work today.
Psode One Jan 14, 2006
Merci de nous noyer dans la meilleure musique qui existe all around the world ! continuez comme ├ža les gars !
Busta Thomes Nov 12, 2005
This is sho some funky shiiiiiit!
Chocolate love from DK

DJ Lady Tribe Oct 12, 2005
Great show guys, keep this up!
Michael Schwinn Sep 3, 2005
awesome show last night!! Sep 2, 2005
you guys are doing a good job. in a world full of shit you need a shitload of funk. i may not smell good. but im still waiting for the water, give the funk to the people. Sep 2, 2005
throw in even more color. whiteboy asks you please. go gaga with it. Sep 2, 2005
how do you get even better? I wish you guys could do something about the gulf, but what you do is plenty. keep the good music playing for the poor basterds. its a good thing where no good thing can be found. just funk on into infinity please. come on. multo amore. t-s-wilson. Sep 2, 2005
you folks are to good to be true.thank you. this is too good. I am outa words.
Keep playing, you guys are my heroes.

Show 389

Keeping it 110% grimy from 2k5 back to 1968. Two sample moments and something brand new from J-Live, Kanye and Mos Def.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED August 26, 2005 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • j-live - harder
  • talk (over rhymefest feat. kanye west - brand new instrumental)
  • rhymefest feat. kanye west - brand new
  • big l. - ebonics
  • k.r.s.-one - m.c.'s act like they don't know
  • gang starr - speak ya clout
  • time zone - zulu!
  • leaders of the new school - case of the p.t.a.
  • dyke & the blazers - let a woman be a woman (let a man be a man) (edit)
  • minx - doin' it
  • pearl dowell - good things
  • mongo santamaria - you need help
  • mr. percolator - got a thing for you baby
  • brothers - brother groove
  • herbie thompson - uncle tom
  • james brown - do it
  • bobby rush - chicken heads
  • jimmy robins - trust your child
  • quickest way out - tick tock baby
  • lawless element - rules pt. 2
  • medina green feat. mos def - yo-yo-yo
  • oh no - get away
  • birdman feat. chop - out the ghetto
  • purple ribbon all-stars feat. big boi, killer mike, blackowned c-bone & rock d. the legend - kryptonite
  • o.d.b. feat. clipse - operator
  • likwit junkies - brother
  • adam wade & johnny pate - brother
  • pharaohs - the pharaohs love y'all
  • piranha sounds - la turbie piranhienne
  • ebo taylor jr. - mondo soul funky
  • foxy - trouble
  • millie jackson - strange things
  • roy ayers - funk in the hole
  • freesound orchestra - rush
  • patrice rushen - let there be funk
  • talk (over jimmy mcgriff - the mean machine)
  • pacific express - the way it used to be

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