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King Apr 16, 2011
BrooZa Wow! That's a really neat asnwer!
Groooove_train Jul 29, 2009
thank's from Estonia :)
zflo'joz Jun 12, 2008
wefunk, let's get it on!
red lobstah Apr 23, 2007
wefunk is my life
Karlos Apr 18, 2007
UUU hard hits ! Keep it hot, dudes!
Big ups from graffity heads of St-Petersbourg, Russia.

Sandrowski Apr 9, 2007
Dope shizzaillle!!!! Thank u
Live in SoCal Apr 7, 2007
Puffin Blunts a Skunk Makin Hoes a Punks and only WeFunk pumpin outta my trunk.....
cac59 Apr 7, 2007
Thanks for your show at KIOSK to LILLE in france
chillone Apr 5, 2007
always nice listen to WEFUNK
DJ CARS10 Apr 4, 2007
Props from Denmark !!!!
radiogirl Apr 3, 2007
I like that first track! I really like WeFunkRadio...good stuff.
Tony Flags Apr 1, 2007
"wicked 'tings a gwan" as always.
MC Eimer Mar 29, 2007
mp drei`s would be nice...greetz from vienna (ääh..Austria anywhere between Kinshasa and Ulan Bator..if you know what I mean )
TAK Mar 28, 2007
Bustin your phatbeats in Hollywood after an assdraggin day making bullshit American Tv Show...Thanks for giving me something to kill the pain and chainsmoke to. One love my friends, TAK

Show 464

Separated at birth: Large Pro's "Mad Scientist" and Pete Rock's new "The P.J.'s" featuring Raekwon and Masta Killa. The funk track from hell ("The X-Sorcist") meets Trevor Dandy's divine soul. Plus ruff beats from Kool G Rap, D.O.C. and Schoolly D, and 'nuff dancefloor funk in the mix.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Clarence Ford, Lawrence / RECORDED March 23, 2007 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963 & bogz / HOSTING PJ, Greg, daduke, Oliver, CyberWurx hosting & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • seazon - the reporter
  • talk (over mos def - love instrumental)
  • m.c. breed feat. 2pac - gotta get mine
  • funkdoobiest - dedicated
  • large professor - mad scientist
  • pete rock feat. raekwon & masta killa - the p.j.'s
  • devils - the x-sorcist
  • inmates - bread and water
  • crosstown express - just keep the funk
  • chosen few - dancin' all over the world
  • atmosfear - dancing in outer space
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - the creator
  • kool g. rap & d.j. polo - men at work
  • d.o.c. - whirlwind pyramid
  • schoolly d. - gangster boogie
  • public enemy - public enemy no. 1
  • biz markie - biz dance part i
  • k.r.s.-one, oh no & ricci rucker - boogie down ox
  • redman - put it down
  • black moon - buck em down
  • talk (over james brown - after you done it, kool & the gang - n.t.)
  • james brown - give it up or turnit a loose
  • talk (over whitefield brothers - fifty yards of soul)
  • graham central station - the jam
  • talk (over james brown - ain't it funky)
  • johnson, hawkins, tatum & durr - you can't blame me
  • trevor dandy - is there any love
  • build an ark - always there
  • talk (over roy ayers - i did it in seattle)

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CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK