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kmc Jul 27, 2019
10 yrs after his passing and all content still relevant (esp. bit about Oprah). MJ music is timeless. RIP my King. Thx for sharing this <3
Dionte Nov 23, 2012
Thanx again for displaying such a great icon. Also for various info I didn't know about The King of Pop!
yo Mar 5, 2010
Suprised by closing with Destiny, been years since I've heard that track, great choice!
grazmataz Mar 2, 2010
holy crap, how good is the bass line in the notorious track. thats some funky shit
A Feb 25, 2010
Amazing show guys, keep up the good work!
Tjay Nov 7, 2009
As always, this was a great show and very entertaining. A very insightful look at the King of Pop. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Tuesday Sep 13, 2009
Great show on an Icon. You showed how talented he was. Thanks
fredoshek Sep 12, 2009
Great ! Thx a lot !
sax Aug 31, 2009
R.I.P - nice work!
TGrice Aug 16, 2009
R.I.P. bro you'll surey be missedlGood job on that "No Diggity" remix.
Spewey Aug 7, 2009
Nice work, guys! It's still hard to believe he's gone...
DjsurgVI Aug 3, 2009
R.I.P. U will always be remembered.Thanks for the happy memories.M,J. & We Funk.Peace from Jax. FL, USA
hody3ck Jul 21, 2009
repose en paix Michael.
natdirapp Jul 17, 2009
Thanks, love your abilities to make it flow! RIP Michael.
Utility Jul 13, 2009
CuBe Jul 12, 2009
Cool show
roach Jul 11, 2009
You guys never cease to amaze. I LOVE when Duke and Ron stop by and drop crucial knowledge and history about the roots of the best music in the world! This is even better than the Minneapolis show which was siiiick! RIP Mike Jack. We love you baby.
Calou Jul 11, 2009
noticed Q-Tip Used a "dancing maching" sample on his last album?
Big Up !!
Rest In Peace

LECKOmio Jul 11, 2009
you are championstyle!!! thanks and peace from germany!
cole.tws Jul 10, 2009
best radio station ever tx from germany!
H Bomb Jul 10, 2009
RIP Michael Jackson
InnaSoul Jul 9, 2009
Big up from Ireland.
MartyMall007 Jul 6, 2009
Man! I have heard many MC's, many DJ's but you guys are always getting me twisted....tying my stomach into many knots!! Much love from COOLIN N CALI, Bbaabbbbbbyyy!!!
Alan Jul 6, 2009
awesome mix guys! Always love listening to Duke Eatmon as well. also... is the beginning of 'destiny' the sample for david banner's 'cadillac's on 22s'?
fishy Jul 6, 2009
rip mj!
soundmonkeykeith Jul 5, 2009
Thx for getting the MJ show to the internet so fast! Y'all are clutch!
jolie Jul 5, 2009
MJ will forever be in our hearts. thank you for the show!
jj Jul 4, 2009
big shout out to MJ from Seoul
R.I.P. and he will still be alive in our soul forever definitely.
thx WEFUNK i keep enjoying your shows and this one is so awesome

Bryan Jul 4, 2009
Thankyou MJ! You are the music
adelino lopes Jul 4, 2009
now you can walk over the moon!!!! R.I.P.MICHAL JACKSON
LUCAT2K6 Jul 4, 2009
Wicked Mix. MJ's early stuff was easily the best. Big-up from Liverpool, UK.
eryman Jul 3, 2009
Rest in Peace... one of the best artists ever.
DJ NAZE Jul 3, 2009
MJ is listening from where he is ! PEACE & RIP
HiLendr Jul 3, 2009
As allways guys - U do terrific job. Keep fighting. ... bye Michael ...
KillerSim187 Jul 2, 2009
R.I.P. - MJ
N2thaO Jul 2, 2009
another quality show guys, much love from Australia, youre helping keeping it funky fresh down-under
koezery Jul 2, 2009
Really Great Show!
MJJ - wir werden dich nicht vergessen,
regards from Hamburg
I love wefunkradio

karllTr4Xx Jul 2, 2009
Big up for the king of pop !!!!! You Rock my world !!!!!! Big up to my sister
Joss. from Neko Jul 2, 2009
Peace to the king ! We funk forever !
Rahsaan Jul 1, 2009
Thanks for the hard work.
I really do appreciate the new player, (I haven't been on the site for a nice minute.)
Big Up's from Cali

Summerbird Jul 1, 2009
Thank you!!! 3
Gilbert Jul 1, 2009
Thanks so much for the incredible show.
Nesha Jul 1, 2009
I love WeFunk and I think you guys are sincere in your tributes esp to the King of Pop - MICHAEL JACKSON!!!
tyas Jul 1, 2009
thank you for the show...
gbl Jul 1, 2009
glad to played some of MJs stuff from the new jack swing era. Teddy Riley and MJ were a force to be reckoned with! amazing tribute.
Malaysia says hello!

Momer Jul 1, 2009
Dope show. the best tribute out there. TY
jvgraph Jun 30, 2009
It’s sad to see MJ go. Yet very interesting how so many people are celebrating him but when he was alive so many judged him. MJ was our Elvis Presley rest in peace MJ.
ecotex Jun 30, 2009
I knew y'all would come through like no other.
cameo cutz Jun 30, 2009
every dj and there mama got a michael jackson tribute mix, but this is one of the few that's actually done right!!!!!
trueninjagreen Jun 30, 2009
mj mj mj mj mj r.i.p
best mj mix in the world

416 Jun 30, 2009
i knew its comin was waitin on this....

dawishkid85 Jun 30, 2009
Thax wefunk for this hot mix for the king of pop he will always be remebered for his music as well as helping out the world r.i.p Mj
4time Jun 30, 2009
It sounded like MJ's new tour was the real deal. Hopefully something? will be realeased from his final works
JRjr Jun 30, 2009
Nice tribute and balance to the mix for all of Michael's variety of sounds. Cheers!
funkg Jun 30, 2009
I was waiting for the guys from my favourite radio station to do a tribute show, I look forward to listening to it.

Show 567

WEFUNK salutes the "King of Pop" - Michael Jackson. Duke Eatmon and Ron Maskell join us in the studio as we pay tribute with rare early tracks, collaborations, demos, classics and behind the scenes stories.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Duke Eatmon, Ron Maskell, Karma, Incksalonius / RECORDED June 26, 2009 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • nas - it ain't hard to tell
  • talk (over de la soul - breakadawn instrumental)
  • daniel joseph - pause
  • karma atchykah feat. bank of mount real - sufferah
  • live freestyle by karma (over all natural - you know my name instrumental)
  • live rhymes by incks (over marco polo - nostalgia instrumental)
  • talk (over ghostface killah - 9 milli bros instrumental)
  • incks - teach the kids how to rhyme
  • karma atchykah - the come up
  • michael jackson - i wanna be where you are
  • jackson 5 - dancing machine
  • jackson 5 - you made me what i am
  • jacksons - shake your body (down to the ground)
  • michael jackson - wanna be startin' somethin' (break)
  • manu dibango - soul makossa
  • michael jackson - sunset driver (1982 demo)
  • michael jackson - rock with you
  • michael jackson - baby be mine
  • ripples & waves plus michael - let me carry your school books
  • jackson 5 - we don't have to be over 21 (to fall in love)
  • talk: dedication to michael jackson
  • michael jackson - ghosts
  • talk: getting together with quincy jones
  • michael jackson - don't stop 'til you get enough (demo)
  • michael jackson - don't stop 'til you get enough
  • talk: early musical collaborators
  • michael jackson - why you wanna trip on me
  • talk: musical and video influence, embracing new musical directions, giving credit where due
  • michael jackson - in the closet
  • talk: later albums and collaborations
  • blackstreet - no diggity (billie jean remix)
  • michael jackson feat. notorious b.i.g. - this time around
  • talk: history album, jackson 5 on the chitlin circuit, opening for james brown
  • jackson 5 - medley: walk on by / the love you save (live)
  • talk: jackson 5 in concert, "rivalry" with prince, concert with james brown and prince
  • james brown feat. michael jackson & prince - it's a man's, man's, man's, man's world (live) - james brown
  • talk: long lasting albums
  • michael jackson - history (ummah main a cappella)
  • michael jackson - history
  • talk: wrap up
  • jacksons - destiny

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