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Pirche de la Iasi Mar 16, 2011
Suntem electrici!!! Piru si Boanca un grup de bboys din iasi!
davevetz Dec 21, 2010
BEAUTIFUL!!just beautiful beats man.
much respect
uk zulu nation

DJ F.U.N.R. Nov 11, 2010
realest radio station EVER !!!!
mr rogers Nov 6, 2010
that spanky wilson version of sunshine is a smoker!
zenstate Oct 31, 2010
killing it at usual. keep it up wefunk!
Mihai Oct 28, 2010
nice nice nice :)
Mawanga Oct 28, 2010
You're really cheering up this lousy Scottish weather today guys.
Nice sounds! Oct 27, 2010
way to bring back that simahlak beat from 317! love it!
Professor Groove Oct 26, 2010
@ariel & DoobieFunk: Thanks for the heads up! I think I've fixed the problem. Posting comments shouldn't interrupt playing shows any more.
DoobieFunk Oct 25, 2010
@ariel: right click on 'Add comment', choose 'Open in new tab" and be happy. Thinking is easy ;-)
ariel Oct 25, 2010
too bad posting a comment stops the player!! now i need to manually find where it left off... booh
ariel Oct 25, 2010
probably one of the best shows ive heard so far! looking forward to seeing you in your europe tour!
DoobieFunk Oct 24, 2010
wefunk rules and so i am riding on captain funkaho's epic track "my 2600" ever since this show has been released - Keep it up!
pol-k Oct 23, 2010
great !!! as usual... thank U guys !!!
Jan Oct 21, 2010
So happy to find Dilla in WePhunk!

Kayote Oct 20, 2010
Good to see a CRATE of RECORDS!

Show 619

Scott C treats us to deep-crate heat from the Visioneers, Leroy Hutson, Captain Funkaho, Dilla, Tony Ezzy, and the Hackney Colliery Band. Plus new & old bboy breaks by Fdel and the Jackson 5, boogie tracks from Don Blackman & Bernard Wright, and new soulful hip-hop from Montreal's Jonathan Emile and Toronto's Louwop & Divine Brown.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Scott C / RECORDED September 10, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, Oliver, CyberWurx hosting, Mike, Greg & PJ. You can help too!

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  • intro
  • j. rawls & john robinson are jay a.r.e. feat. tiffany paige - relax ur mind
  • talk (over braille - 10 years instrumental)
  • jonathan emile & aphyliated - think thrice
  • louwop feat. divine brown - stay building
  • d.j. deckstream feat. mos def - life is good
  • paid & live feat. lauryn hill - all my time
  • lords of the underground - faith (alternative mix)
  • hackney colliery band - money   (start of scott's 1st set)
  • donny vs. beatsy collins & jose who - everything
  • moonstarr feat. tony ezzy - hav'em
  • captain funkaho - my 2600
  • sixtoo vs. simahlak - all star beets battle
  • first words - just clap
  • visioneers - the world is yours
  • visioneers - runnin'
  • john roberts - sophisticated funk
  • j. dilla - crushin'
  • frank walton - safari   (end of scott's 1st set)
  • jackson 5 - what you don't know
  • johnny pate - you can't even walk in the park
  • manu dibango - new bell (m.a.w. remix)
  • fdel - get up on ya feet
  • spanky wilson - sunshine of your love
  • b.b.p. (business before pleasure) - funk you
  • pamoja - ooh baby   (start of scott's 2nd set)
  • shades of joy - l.a. city streets
  • united 8 - getting uptown (to get down)
  • a.d.l. - daddy
  • apostles - soulful
  • james brown - blind man can see it
  • leroy hutson - lucky fellow
  • diamond & the psychotic neurotics - "*!*!" what you heard
  • prince - i feel for you   (end of scott's 2nd set)
  • gap band - early in the morning
  • bernard wright - move your body
  • don blackman - let your conscience be your guide
  • talk (over horn section - lady shine instrumental)
  • hipnotic - lonely rhythm (instrumental version)

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CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK