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NLslacker Apr 29, 2013
Hello from Newfoundland, Canada.
Been a listener for years, LOVE IT.

Stan LV Nov 16, 2012
big love guys from Latvia :)
Walter Jun 15, 2012
This radio is the s*** !! Big ups from Bah�a Blanca, Argentina.
dirty fingaz Sep 18, 2011
More Dirty Fingaz tracks
phunkstarr Sep 9, 2011
thank you wefunk for keeping us from losing our musical freedom
one love!

dirty fingaz Jul 23, 2011
i am the original dirty fingaz, thank you bliss for playing crime scene.
bk Jun 4, 2011
with that wigidi diggidy it feels dead serious like i'm 14again! a pro po dead serious, rip gil scot heron! wefunk tribute show is in the making ol' man!
cmo May 31, 2011
how do i buy these sets, as i realise you got the soundcard shit locked down??? peace
Keifus May 30, 2011
Pump Up The Volume...
The 5th Ultra May 29, 2011
dj bliss is a beast!
jew from st.lou May 28, 2011
R.I.P. Gil Scott- Heron/ grandfather of rap
simon May 27, 2011
right on lesley
lesley xin May 27, 2011
i dont have any feeling for this
FunkyHomosapien May 27, 2011
bliss�s sets rock!
bobby May 27, 2011
big up from Macedonia,Show @Sofia was great,more funk please
Sole May 24, 2011
wow, I didn't know the chem bros did stuff like that. That beat is pumping
rudebwoy May 23, 2011
Dear Static & Groove, please make a report on the european tour !
Share with us how it was !
Keep it up, keep it funky.

julian May 22, 2011
i love this show...
labarette May 22, 2011
thanks so much wefunk real hip hop ! big up from france !
Nekcore May 22, 2011
Omg, big beats on wefunk!! keep it up people!
mr_zinga May 22, 2011
1. comment tripple yaehhhhh

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Big beats: DJ Bliss is back in the studio with headnod hip hop, big beat and downtempo tracks from Bootman, Chemical Brothers, Total Devistation, Kenny Dope and more. Plus a sample of the SP-1200 magic of "Chocolate Boy Wonder" Pete Rock, Brazilian roughness from Miguel de Deus, Afro flavors from Butta, and sweet soul from the Sweet Talks and Jean Carne.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, DJ Bliss / RECORDED April 15, 2011 / HOSTING Greg, daduke, PJ, Oliver, CyberWurx hosting & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • rampage the last boyscout - beware of the rampsack (remix)
  • talk (over a tribe called quest - butter instrumental)
  • kurious - uptown shit
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - main ingredient
  • pete rock feat. c.l. smooth - back on the block
  • das e.f.x. - real hip-hop (pete rock remix)
  • das e.f.x. - they want e.f.x. (remix)
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - get on the mic (remix)
  • 10 bass t. - hip hop culture   (start of bliss's 1st set)
  • ill dependents - the shake up
  • dirty fingaz - crime scene
  • rob life feat. cappo, d.p.f. & kashmere - focus on the main features
  • bootman - to the hip (tees freeze mix)
  • kenny dope - rock da house anna
  • r.z.a. - it must be bobby (instrumental)
  • foreign legion - everyones sleeping
  • chemical brothers - dope coil
  • da beat butchaz - cool operator
  • k.r.s.-one - outta here (funky mix)
  • doug e. fresh - come again (live)
  • skhool yard - here we come
  • a tribe called quest - the hop
  • canibus - get retarded
  • blackalicious - lyric fathom (instrumental)
  • kenny dope - that's mine
  • blueboy - remember me   (end of bliss's 1st set)
  • miguel de deus - black soul brothers
  • hoctor band - theme from blackbelt jones
  • brothers of soul - life is like a maze
  • hi-tension - power and lightning
  • butta - ow'kawa'se
  • john heartsman & circles - talking about my baby
  • truant - naked ape b.c.   (start of bliss's 2nd set)
  • tango fusion club - bondoneon (malente mix)
  • sonny face - horny cha cha
  • hardwire - the connection
  • slow d.j.'s - all there is to it
  • bill, ben & baggio - pusherman
  • guru - cave in (instrumental)
  • total devastation - da horny man
  • fantastic plastic machine - you must learn all night long (d.j. swamp mix)
  • wiseguys - ohh la la
  • major force - the re-return of the original art-form (cut chemist mix)
  • bagatelle - speed freak   (end of bliss's 2nd set)
  • sweet talks - keep the same old feeling
  • jean carn - don't let it go to your head
  • talk (over teruo nakamura - cat)
  • gil scott-heron - home is where the hatred is

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