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SpellMyNameRight Jan 17, 2015
Skill&Jose - Zaedno s nas - Killin' it!!!
smoked_deer Feb 8, 2012
Tullio de Piscopo just blew me away, i never knew i had such dance moves in me....WOW!
Adam Dec 17, 2011
Big Up from Poland...extra show......Funky Bonee siemasz i pozdro z Aom|y ;]
agentman Nov 27, 2011
skill & jose Super Great song from my country. Супер страхотна песен от моята страна Oct 24, 2011
wow,what a good show...nice to see Tullio De Piscopo!!!!!one of the best musicians in italy...maybe you can add also James Senese,and Pino Daniele in a future show!greetings from italy.
Rob Oct 5, 2011
Thanks God my boss doesnt know that I am having fun at work :-) best radio in the universe.
Alvaro Sep 23, 2011
que rica musica !!!
alex Sep 15, 2011
Thanks for a blinding show guys, Alex London UK
Hasan Waliany Sep 13, 2011
this show is sick! love from karachi, pakistan
ibnalsabil Sep 12, 2011
The Oliver Lowe track is wonderful! Nice one guys.....much love from Wales, UK
concentration cramp Sep 8, 2011
please, just pass on 6(5+1)6. do great 667 instead. you'll get blinks from all the third eyes out there.
karibou Sep 7, 2011
the 655 kills !!!

FUNKSTARR Sep 5, 2011
this show is great, but check out "KORMAC". only sex is better than "KORMAC". i'm not affiliated with "KORMAC". it's not subliminal, it's "KORMAC". i just love the flow of "KORMAC". it's not spamming, it's "KORMAC" :) one love!
calou Sep 4, 2011
Dope from A to the Z! Hip-Hop Rules thx to Ya!
calou Sep 4, 2011
Peace yo!
pestario Sep 1, 2011
Только Диско! %:)
SerialKilla Aug 31, 2011
Skill&Jose - Sweet%%%
Funky Bonee Aug 31, 2011
Polish Funk Rulez :) extra funk by WEFUNK Blesss :]
Stoycho Aug 31, 2011
The Skill & Jose track is dope!!
ДУНЫЧ Aug 31, 2011
Д-И-С-К-О. только Диско. Горячее дерьмо.

Show 655

Trans-Europe Express: From Scotland to Slovakia, Groove & Static turn up hidden funk, soulful beats and cross-continental collabos, including Jay.Soul, Tullio de Piscopo, Oliver Lowe, Fermata and many more. And Scott C goes deep with jazzy sounds from the Skid Row Sessions, funky synth warbles from Ta-ku and Wagon Christ, and classics revisited by Amy Winehouse and Zo! & Phonte.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Scott C / RECORDED July 29, 2011 / HOSTING Oliver, CyberWurx hosting, PJ, Greg, daduke & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • brianna colette - in love (brooklyn love affair)   (u.k./u.s.)
  • talk (over jazz liberatorz - slow down)   (france)
  • skill & jose - zaedno s nas   (bulgaria)
  • heavy les wanted - ljubljana dans la place   (slovenia/france)
  • oliver lowe - intro (penize nebo zivot)   (czech republic)
  • ap[ei]ron & kinetik feat. rusty ps - keep it locked   (germany/u.s.)
  • aero one feat. roger rekless - wholecar   (germany)
  • jay.soul - dirt mcsleaze   (netherlands/china)
  • dtonate feat. dudley perkins - peace pipe   (czech republic/u.s.)
  • pharoahe monch, shafiq husayn, om'mas keith, mark de clive-lowe, brook d'leau & more - skid row sessions   (start of scott's 1st set)
  • benny tones - smokie haze pt.2
  • milton wright - let's take a break
  • wagon christ - mr. mukatsuku
  • mash & kenlo - cafe de ammourreux
  • thundercat - thunder for love i come
  • family tree - family tree (dada edit)
  • lord echo - terabu   (end of scott's 1st set)
  • bongolian - the shackles of ramm   (u.k.)
  • random heroes - (theme from) gold block (original mix)   (u.k.)
  • manfred krug - morgen   (germany)
  • september - za tvoj roendan (i'll come back to you)   (slovenia)
  • ill boogs - the rhythm den   (u.k.)
  • françois de roubaix - judo   (france)
  • david seeland band - beat construction   (germany)
  • tullio de piscopo - medium rock   (italy)
  • duncan lamont - crunch   (scotland)
  • tullio de piscopo - stop bajon (primavera)   (italy)
  • ghostfunk - funky criminology   (start of scott's 2nd set)
  • zo! feat. phonte - black cow
  • amy winehouse - mr. magic
  • funky d.l. - rock to her beat 2000
  • ta-ku feat. john robinson - confessions
  • ta-ku - hey kids
  • blundetto - mustang (blamka remix)
  • miles bonny - clap clap
  • sola rosa feat. iva lamkum - turn around
  • knxwledge - find a way   (end of scott's 2nd set)
  • c&c bamboo factory - c&c bamboo factory   (slovenia)
  • orchestra & vocal group "disko" - disko   (russia)
  • bjarne rostvold & perry - knudsen magonde   (denmark)
  • adika pongo - diamonds   (italy)
  • talk (over daniel drumz - walking into sunshine, grits - mmwauu)   (poland, netherlands)
  • fermata - 15 (edit)   (slovakia)
  • grażyna łobaszewska & ergo band - a więc   (poland)

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CORZE reppin' WEFUNK Radio on London walls in the UK
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