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james madison May 19, 2012
Love Wanda Walden...Great show!
bvm Dec 11, 2011
NOBODY does boogie like Rawsoul. Big ups!
LadyDi Sep 24, 2011
09/23/2011 listenin' 4 the 1st time, GREAT show, will B checkin' out your previous Shows Fo Sho ! this site is so "cool" ;) lol aiight,... I'm outta here :)
mdSTP Sep 22, 2011
New features rock. WeFUNKapedia has arrived.
PHUNKSTARR Sep 21, 2011
"Sound Providers - 5 Minutes" peace & love y'all!
ingo Sep 20, 2011
hey guys, great show as always. been listenin' from germany for 7 years now and loved you from day1. found this and just wanted to share (not sure you has her on your show already):
thanks for inspiring me on a regular

Agent77 Sep 19, 2011
Loved you guys for years, keep up the amazing mixes!!
NASA Sep 19, 2011
Two hours of joy. Great show guys!
svente Sep 19, 2011
mcm....britsh rap at it´s best....alltime favourite!!!
zee Sep 19, 2011
Nice Show! love it.
What is the Beat/Song in the Intro?

pestario Sep 19, 2011
первый нах

Show 658

"Too Hot": Rawsoul's on the mix with rollerboogie joints from Slave & Finesse, golden-age gems by Black Sheep & Biz Markie, and smoothed-out 90s hip hop from the Boogiemonstas & Mic Geronimo. DJ Static selects some current favorites by Wildelux, Ghostfunk (Ghostface x Max Tannone) and M.E.D., and Professor Groove rounds out the mix with feel-good sounds from Rebirth & SpaceArk.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Rawsoul / RECORDED August 19, 2011 / HOSTING daduke, Mike, Tom, SirdikDotCom, Jens Meiert, Travis, Chris, Adam, Oliver, CyberWurx hosting, Greg, Mads, Florian, Alessandro Motta, Augustinas & PJ. You can help too!

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  • intro
  • colonel red - i'm colonel red
  • talk (over d.j. teeko feat. j-1 - five'n)
  • rebirth - everybody say yeah
  • dezzie - move
  • aurra - checking you out
  • kool & the gang - too hot   (start of rawsoul's 1st set)
  • future flight - foolish things
  • finesse - feel it
  • slave - steppin' out
  • heaven & earth - i really love you
  • wanda - i must be dreamin'
  • tavares - loveline
  • howard johnson - much too much
  • kashif - i just gotta have you   (end of rawsoul's 1st set)
  • wildelux & mac feat. destruct - all mines
  • soul revolution - one more time
  • ghostface killah & max tannone - dem back
  • count bass d. & d.j. pocket - everyday ritual
  • m.e.d. feat. talib kweli - classic
  • m.c.m. - back again
  • john robinson & lewis parker feat. stahhr, cymarshall law & 4rce - planes trains automobiles
  • mic geronimo - shit's real   (start of rawsoul's 2nd set)
  • beatnuts - hit me with that
  • black sheep - similak child
  • biz markie - young girl bluez
  • kool g. rap & d.j. polo - erase racism
  • boogiemonsters - honeydips in gotham
  • ed o.g & da bulldogs - bug a boo
  • archie bell & the drells - don't let love get you down   (end of rawsoul's 2nd set)
  • gil scott-heron - lady day and john coltrane
  • spaceark - do what you can do
  • floyd lawson & the heart of stone - only takes a minute
  • constellations - i didn't know how to
  • talk (over jupiter tuning center - c.h.a.n.g.e)
  • freddie hubbard - little sunflower (g.s.c. anagram 2011)

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