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There are six musicans called Doc: For the American rapper see The D.O.C. 1) Romanian MC, member of C.T.C. and Armada, Facem Records label. Details on www.facemrecords.ro. 2) An ambient/electronica composer/producer from Finland. Styles: ambient, dark ambient, meditative ambient, neoclassical, avantgarde, experimental electronica, field recordings, found sounds, dance. Doc debuted on netlabel Musictrade's Sola Muusika 2005 compilation (MT001) followed by a full album release Distant Transmissions - Ambient Reflections on Bach (MT002) in co-operation with the Russian pianist/keyboardist Lena Selyanina. In July 2005 Doc performed in Norberg 2005 electronic music festival in a Musictrade showcase and contributed two tracks to Musictrade's Norberg 2005 Field Mixes album (MT003). In November 2005 Doc released his second ambient co-creation with Lena Selyanina: An Island of Joy (In a Sea of Electronic Dreams) (MT004), containing ambient meditations on Claude Debussy's 'water music'. Later same month he contributed two tracks to Musictrade's New Orleans tribute album Requiems for a Submerged City (MT005). Doc finished his productive year 2005 with a lighthearted dance album Nein Absolut Nicht (MT006) built on the soundworld from a single episode of the German police series 'Der Alte'. In March 2006 Doc and Lena Selyanina released their third neoclassical ambient album: Noble, Sentimental and Ambient Waltzes (MT008), inspired by Maurice Ravel's series of waltzes for the piano. The fourth album of Doc and Lena, Echoes from an Engulfed Cathedral (MT011), came out in January 2007. Like their earlier 'An Island of Joy', this album was also inspired by Claude Debussy's music. The fifth Doc and Lena Selyanina album, Nangilima (MT015), came out in In December 2007. This album was inspired by Dmitri Shostakovich's piano preludes and its broad theme was childhood: its joys, fears and fantasies. In January 2008 came out Cosmic Lullabies (MT018), a calm, cosmic and meditative work. Besides the official album releases Doc has released several singles both on his own and in co-operation with Lena Selyanina. See also Doc & Lena Selyanina's artist page. External links: Musictrade homepage Musictrade on Mininova's featured content section (all released albums and singles, also 24 bit audiophile editions). Musictrade on Internet Archive (albums in HVBR mp3 quality) Doc's artist page on the Finnish Mikseri.net site 3) Born in Athens Greece, 1/08/1966 He has started to sing in Punk rock bands at the age of 16. After his music interests mooved from punk to heavy and thrash metal ,where at the beggining of the 90s he started to mix metal and indie rock at small clubs and bars in Thessaloniki. At the same time he made his first contact with the first underground rave parties and got infected by the psychedelic sounds of trance . After 1996 he starts to mix psy trance at illegal parties in warehouses At the summer of 1997 ,he has been playing every summer as a resident dj at the open air club "Mojo" at the island of Ios along with international guest djs like:Atmos ,James monro ,Anti, Synchro ,Mark Allen etc. During the winter time (1998 - 2005) he was travelling around the world and has played from small jungle and beach parties in Goa ,Thailand, mexico and Byron bay to big open air parties and festivals in : Japan(Bomodori 2001) , Germany(Ov -silence 2004-2005), Hungary( Porn dance &stars 2005), Australia (seismic chunk 2002), Switzerland , Portugal, Cyprus, and F.y.r.o.m. He is also the only greek dj who ve played to all Samothraki festivals(2001-02-03-05)and to all the rest big greek festivals (Butterfly, Magical forest, Cyberlight, Twillight zone). At the beginning of 2002 he became an official dj of Candyflip records and has been promoting the label with his djsets in Greece and around the world. These days he is playing a variety of groovy psytrance and psy progressive soundz filled with electro elements 5) Doc is also the name of a Swedish male musician, whose music is available for purchase at http://www.salza.se. He releases music under Creative Commons license. 6) D.O.C. is also a grindcore band from Washington D.C. that features members of Magrudergrind, Coke Bust, & Sick Fix http://www.facebook.com/disciplesofchrist202 Read more on Last.fm.
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