gary davis
super jake
Veteran disco - electro - hip hop producer - songwriter from New Jersey. For the late blues artist, please use Rev. Gary Davis or his alias Blind Gary Davis [Invalid Artist] Late '60s keyboardist - pianist with Lee Michaels and [Invalid Artist] Gary Davis (3) Appearing as percussionist with Ben Keith - 1994 Gary Davis (4) Underground disco artist at Springsong label in 1978 [Invalid Artist] Guitarist with the reggae act Glen Rolle and Surgeons Gary Davis (6) Appearing as producer for a 2004 live album of Dolly Parton Gary Davis (7) Lead guitarist with Quatermass II - 1998 Gary Davis (8) Drummer with gospel - soul band of Pamela Davis & True Spirit - 1987 Gary Davis (9) a.k.a. Maniak U.K. Digital visual artist Gary Davis (10) Visual artist credited for a cover of an Ozz (3)'s release - 1983 Gary Davis (11) Label executive at Warner Bros. Records, ABC Records and president of Rocshire Records in 1982