oh no
i can't help myself
Oh No's father, Otis Jackson Sr., is an acclaimed '70s soul singer, and mother Sinesca wrote most of his classic tunes. Oh No (real name Michael Jackson Woodrow Sr.) is the younger brother of indie hip-hop icon Madlib (real name Otis Jackson Jr.), aka Quasimoto and, just like his sibling, he triples as an MC/producer/DJ. He's quite prolific as well, again as is his brother. He debuted as an artist in his own right with a string of singles on Stones Throw Records in the US and appearances on Groove Attack Productions in Europe. Oh No's name has grown in recent years, with production work for numerous artists including Medaphoar, LMNO, Aloe Blacc, Wildchild (on album "Secondary Protocol") and Murs (on album "The End Of The Beginning").