b.t. express
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Funk - disco group Formed by Jeff Lane Hailed from Brooklyn, New York. In 1972 they were known as The King Davis House Rockers. Then they changed their name to Madison Street Express and the Brothers Trucking. B.T. stands for Brooklyn Transit Released seven albums between 1974 - 1982. Lasted up to 1987. Their biggest hits are their first classic "Do It Till You're Satisfied", "Express" and "Does It Feel Good To You".
This funk-disco group was formed by Jeff Lane in Brooklyn during the '70s. They started in 1972 as the King Davis House Rockers, and later were called the Brooklyn Trucking Express. The roster consisted of saxophonist/vocalist Bill Risbrook, percussionist Dennis Rowe, guitarist Rick Thompson, saxophonist/flutist Carlos Ward, keyboardist Michael Jones (Kashif), lead guitarist/vocalist Wesley Hall, drummer Leslie Ming, bassist, organist and vocalist Louis Risbrook, and vocalist Barbara Joyce Lomas.