das e.f.x. feat. mobb deep
microphone master remix
Members: Andre "Drayz" Weston and Willie "Skoob" Hines Both originating from Brooklyn, NY (Skoob) and Teaneck, NJ (Drayz) - they teamed up while in college at Virginia State University. After coming in second place at a talent contest judged by EPMD, Parrish Smith of EPMD signed the duo to their label. Joining EPMD's burgeoning Hit Squad group of rappers. Das EFX quickly rose to the forefront of the hardcore rap scene. Their first offering, Dead Serious, cut right to the chase, introducing a new style of rap with fast lyrics often interspersing the word "diggety" throughout their rhymes. Dead Serious eventually went platinum. Their second release, Straight Up Sewaside, appeared the following year, followed by 1995's Hold It Down. The group was derailed by the popularity of their own style, which was often copied by others, making the originators less potent.
The duo “Das EFX” emerged in 1991 from the well-established East Coast Hip-Hop scene. The group is composed of Willie “Skoob” Hines and Andre “Krazy Drayz” Weston. With their first album “Dead serious” released in 1992, the group creates a mini-revolution by using an ultra-fast rap associated with funky beats. The album was a commercial success. The following year, Das EFX released their second LP “Straight up Sewaside", “Hold it down” in 1995, and “Generation EFX” in 1998. Their last album was "How We Do" which was released in 2003.