didier's sound spectrum
"An excellent set of tripped-out funk -- the first full length release from Didier's Sound Spectrum, a group with the same smoke-addled sound as the Poets of Rhythm! The core groove of the Didier combo is a slow funk approach, coupled with a bit of dub -- all of which means that the instrumentation gets nice and muddy, tripping in a laidback way around the beats and basslines, with sweet solos on trombone, sax, trumpet, and Fender Rhodes. The set's got a wonderful sound that's equally pleasing in the club or kicking back at home, and is a refreshing change from some of the "too classic" funk groups on the market these days." - Dusty Groove America "Brilliantly balanced music out of Finland that has an undeniably retro sound but with a very modern edge. Plenty of afro, jazz, funk and bossa flavours, some fierce live drumming, and heavy bass lines. Didier Selin and his band of Helsinki's finest are certainly an outfit to look out for! Vinyl soon come too..." - Dom Servini Read more on Last.fm.
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