miguel de deus
cinco anos
Miguel de Deus was a Brazilian Soul vocalist and guitar player. He was one of the most versatile musicians of the 1970s, though largely unknown to the general public. He was born in Ilheus, in the state of Bahia, and died in Campinas, state of Sao Paulo, on May 18th 2007. In 1969, he founded the band “Os Brazões” in Rio de Janeiro, that mixed rock and psychedelia with African elements. The band played with singers Gal Costa, Tom Ze and Jards Macale. In 1974, he founded the band "Assim Assado", a psychedelic caricature of the famous band Secos e Molhados. Their music mixed progressive rock, soul music, samba and baiao. In 1977, invited by Copacabana Records, Miguel de Deus recorded his only solo album: "Black Soul Brothers", considered a synthesis of Brazilian Black music of the 1970s. Read more on Last.fm.
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