pitch black
show and prove
There are at least 8 groups called Pitch Black: 1) Pitch Black from United States, Hip hop group based in New York, Brooklyn, formed in 1994. Pitch Black's members (D.G., Devious, Fast, G.O.D., and Zakee). 2) Pitch Black from Auckland, New Zealand are a dub electronica group formed in 1997. 3) Pitch Black from Porto, Portugal are a Thrash Metal band formed in 1995. 4) Pitch Black from Kastrup, Denmark are a Melodic Death Metal band formed in 2001. 5) Pitch Black from Devonport, New Zealand is an avant-garde podcaster. 6) Pitch Black from Oakland, California are a Punk/Hardcore band. 7) Pitch Black from Beachwood, New Jersey are an alternative rock band formed in 2007. They are now known as Red Stone of Faith. 8) Pitch Black was a synth band formed in Rochester, New York by Cedric Herrera and Lyle Wells formerly, of Red Violet Red. http://soundcloud.com/chspitchblack Read more on Last.fm.
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