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Show 1125

Show 1125: Walla P lights up the sky with a double blast of boogie digs and headnod hip-hop featuring Sophie Stanke, Brothers II, GALXTC, Maurice Polo, Frankenstein and more. Plus ironclad boombap from McGyver and Pete Rock, modern funk knockouts by Saucy Lady and Tryezz, and Minnie Riperton's transcendent "Memory Lane".
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 1046

Show 1046: Walla P gets twice as nice with powerful funk by Ivan Makvel & Temu and headnodic hiphop from Nativ, Jake Milliner and more. Plus feelgood party vibes from The East Coast Affair, scintillating future soul from Ego Ella May and Adeline, and a tribute to Kool & The Gang originator Ronald Bell.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 1008

Show 1008: Walla P brings synth driven sweetness with modern boogie by Lynda Dawn and Koolade, UK street soul by Ian Foster and Rick Clarke, and Japanese gems from Milk and HiRO.JP. Plus infectious Atlanta grooves from Earthgang, disco delights from Panaché and Roy Ayers, a beautiful bossa rework by Y'skid, and a hazy summer callback from the Soul Surfers.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 1000

Show 1000: WEFUNK steps into the next millennium with our most stacked lineup yet! Featuring a ride through swerving breaks and glorious funk from Nostalgia King founder Skeme Richards, LOTUG legend Lord Jazz working his ginsu cuts on a full grip of raw hip-hop and soul, and a conversation with renaissance man Kool Bob Love from the groundbreaking Stretch & Bobbito show.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Skeme Richards, Bobbito Garcia, DJ Lord Jazz, Pro-V, Walla P, D-Shade, Ruby Jane, Scramblelock, Frank BLVD, Santiago, Cholo, DJ Solespin

Show 956

Show 956: Walla P lets loose slick 80s cuts from Cool Notes and Masaki Ueda, hard hitting modern funk from Mofak and peak nod factor from Organized Konfusion and Tara Chase. Plus smoked out illness from Villain Park, lush disco vibes by 79.5, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge's exhilarating "Feel Alive" and magnificent chemistry on Jazzy Jeff's "M3" outro.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 903

Show 903: Walla P freaks the funk with joints by Swindle and Light of the World, then simmers down with downtempo gold by Battlecat, Jonwayne and Kiefer. Plus a gut punch remix by Temu, poisonous darts from Planet Asia, Makossa grooves from Lord Echo and Jungle Fire, and an acoustic Sharon Jones tribute by Lady C.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P, Temu

Show 879

Show 879: Walla P gets behind the groove with modern and 80s funk by Pomrad, Hitomi Tohyama and Dâm-Funk, then eases into headnoddic hip-hop courtesy of DJ Krush, Mic Geronimo and Rob Swift. Plus a tribute to fallen Beastie Boy legend MCA, a fresh funk direction for Kylie Auldist, a rough and rugged Killah Priest collabo with Bryan Ford, and Alicia Myers' joyful anthem "I Want To Thank You".
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 850

Show 850: Land of the rising Funk: Walla P shines a spotlight on Japanese boogie, jazz-funk and modern soul from Toshiki Kadomatsu, Cosmos, Tatsuro Yamashita, Yasuko Agawa and more. K-Maxx and Buscrates carry the torch for modern funk, Blaq x Saga resurrect the raw on "Time Travelers", Sa-Roc rocks steady over a jazzy Flying Lotus number, and vintage Kanye resurfaces on the Madlib and Kendrick-assisted "No More Parties in L.A."
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 830

Show 830: Walla P lets the vibes run deep through synth circuits and harp strings, jazzy flows and funky thangs from Illa J, Exmag, Frankfurt Funk, Funky DL, Hawk House, Makoto Matsushita and more. Chris Read and Phill Most Chill time warp back to '88 on their "Rap Tradition" remix, Ghostface and DOOM reunite on BBNG's retro-futurist "Ray Gun", and the Professor munches through an oven-fresh tray of cookies from Solomon Vaughn, Junie, Jill Scott and Brother Soul.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 809

Show 809: Walla P delivers luscious jazzy beats and funk finesse on tracks from Flamingosis, Potatohead People, Kenn Starr, Synthesiz, Diamond Ortiz, Sven Atterton and more. Plus GZA's fresh take on the b-boy classic "The Mexican", First Touch's twist of MJ's "You Rock My World", a dusty harp dreamscape from David Snell, and Kendrick Lamar's incendiary masterpiece "The Blacker the Berry".
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Walla P

Show 781

Show 781: Midas touch: Walla P stacks sonic gold new & old, from hazy headnod cuts by REdefinition & rxn to smooth vibes from Lillo Thomas & Proh Mic, jazz flavors from Dr.MaD, and searing synths from Frankfurt Funk & Brian Ellis. Plus gritty street reporting on Common's "Kingdom", psychedelic soul from Horace Silver, new soul by Lee Fields, laidback disco grooves from Little Beaver, and earthshaking synth bass on Mister Bibal's "Defaillance 3.5".
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Walla P

Show 752

Show 752: Funk soul sensation: Walla P weaves future-funk fatness with jazz-rooted beats & verses from Jonwayne, Mr. Roam, Spinnerty, Buscrates, Amin Payne, Lord Finesse and many more. Temu slathers another layer of funk on Kraftwerk's "Tour de France", Miles Davis concocts Doo-bop sounds with Easy Mo Bee, and Shabba Ranks puts his twist on DJ Premier's "Come Clean" production.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Walla P

Show 729

Show 729: Walla P pops the cork on some jazzed-out beats by Darryl Reeves & Moods, head nod raps from Chi-Ali & Organized Konfusion and the future-funk production of XL Middleton & Tall Black Guy. Plus funky flute from Groove Collective and the John Danser Octet, nasty rock breaks by Elephant's Memory & Sarolta Zalatnay, and hiphop-reggae boom tunes from Shabba, KRS-One and Vicious.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Walla P

Show 709

Show 709: Walla P invokes smokey headnod beats by The Visioneers, Mitsu the Beats, Godfather Don and Oddisee, and synthed-out new funk from Wayne Tweed, Vanilla and East Liberty Quarters. Plus some dusty soul by Eddie & Ernie, lots of African/Brazilian/Cuban funk, and Steely Chan's Rawkus-vs-Shawn Lee rework of Reflection Eternal's "On Mission".
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Walla P
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