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Durte Genius Mar 25, 2023
That Bboy Anthem joint was tough!
Benzino Napoloni Nov 12, 2019
Congratulations! Can´t believe it!
You are a part of my life since the year 2000! That´s music-FAMILY! Thank you and keep it up!

Kamaur Nov 2, 2019
Congratulations on 1000 shows guys. I've been listening since the early 2000s. Long story but I have missed out on you guys for over ten years. And I've come back to see you guys still going strong and the archives mean I won't miss a beat. Much love and many more years!!
Hey, a quick request. It looks like the playlist may be incomplete. After white blinds and before pushim. Ok thanks again. Shout outs from Brooklyn NY and now greater new england. Peace!!

Haryo Nov 1, 2019
Dankeeeee schön! Und auf die nächsten 100k shows. :DD Big up! :D
Seb Oct 10, 2019
Wow 1000 shows already! Thank you for the music WeFunk! You're the best!!!
Glen Oct 5, 2019
Congratulations to all involved in your 1000th show. Is and always will be the most educational show I’ve found in the last 20 yrs. All the best from Corby UK.
Sena.D Oct 1, 2019
Very very grateful guys! Always such great shows. Amazing work. Looking forward to many many more. Well played...
witflits Sep 28, 2019
Thank you for 1000 shows of good music, congratulations!
fift-os Sep 27, 2019
Congratulations,my brothers! You are the best! Thanks,it is was beautiful 13 years! Peace,unity and love from Siberia,Novokuznetsk city..
p.s. by bboy Fifft-OS,Rush Style Clan

Adam of Oza Sep 26, 2019
WeFunk has been a part of my life since 2006. Thank you for keeping the funk flame alive. Happy 1000, here’s to 1000 more!
judge Sep 26, 2019
thx n congrats! any plans on coming back to zurich for some messed up pardy someday?
Yolanda Sep 25, 2019
Congrats on 1000!!! Been rockin' with you since the early days from Virginia (USA). Keep it funky and fresh, and here's to 1000 more!
Sense-A Sep 25, 2019
BEST RADIO SHOW EVER! HISTORIC! Good Music Brings Positivity To People's Lives!
vrs Sep 25, 2019
You guys are super heroes!
Moritz Sep 25, 2019
Thank you so much for these endless music flash. 13 years im with you <3 Greetz from Hamburg!
Benjamón Sep 25, 2019
BIG, BIG, BIG BIG Ups to you two fine gentlemen, for blessing my ears for so many years. I've had the good fortunate to meet both of you -- Groove (& Rawsoul) rocked my Montreal store opening event, Static set my wedding dancefloor on fire! I have been listening to y'all for so damn long -- every show, several times over, since '03. Late nights, long work days, y'all have been there. Like family. Thanks again......
Narkh Sep 24, 2019
Amazing milestone! Fully deserved! Great work for so many years, so many good vibes, energy, talks, beats, so many discoveries... Can t wait for show 2000! Kudos from France!
Nucu Sep 24, 2019
Congratulations on your 1000! Listening since more than ten years to your shows. Thanks for sharing the good vibes.
dingus Sep 24, 2019
Congratulations and thank you for all you do. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.
JJ Sep 24, 2019
I have been listening to the shows whilst I have been moving a few different countries in the past 10 years. Seoul - London - Singapore and now I give you a big shout from Paris xx Thanks and big congratulations for your 1000th !!! Keep up !
Dave H Sep 23, 2019
Huge congratulations. You two bring constant discovery, edification and JOY to my life. WEFUNK forever...
Michael Kadile Sep 23, 2019
been listening from the start and you have been a staple to my life !!! LOVE what you do and where you have gone to where you will be a 1000 more shows down the road. love and peace to both of you and to all the people you brought on your show.
Lina mass Sep 23, 2019
All my best wishes! Love what you do and you inspire me with your commitment and dedication! Love and support from Lithuania!
stazeOne Sep 22, 2019
Y'all —— Congrats on reaching 1000.
Mad thanks for supplying absolute quality soundz fo our ear-canals. Straight up fire.
I remember listening to one of the very early shows round 1999 and loved it eversince. Almost turning 50 now and i see my son blastin Wefunk on from his speakers, plus spreadin tha word to his folkz. Peace out from a german Golden Ager. Audi 5000.

darkcanuck Sep 21, 2019
Big congrats on 1000. You guys have been providing the soundtrack to my life for at least 15 years. Here's to 15 more!
Scoobz Sep 21, 2019
Congrats at reaching 1000 shows and thanks for all the years of quality music. Any idea where i can purchase that "Jeanie Smith - Jeanine" song ? Can't find it anywhere. Cheers
minnox Sep 21, 2019
my favorite radio since 20 years. thanks for all the inspiration! peace from berlin <3
tnkw Sep 21, 2019
Congrats! And many many thanks to Wefunkradio. Love & peace from Tokyo.
Sven Sep 21, 2019
Congrats for 1000 shows! Never stop listening since 2004! Great show
poksel Sep 20, 2019
I love wefunk radio!!!
poksel Sep 20, 2019
Спасибо, уже 1000-е ШОУ!!! С юбилеем, так держать, Браво! Молодцы! Еще столько же, только еще больше!
Antuan Sep 20, 2019
The Funk Lovin Criminal Sep 20, 2019
Thank you for promoting and supporting hip-hop and funk for so many years!
Much love from Poland!

Magic Mrtn Sep 20, 2019
THANK YOU!!! :) <3
funkybonee Sep 20, 2019
happy birthday 1000 show :D I LOVE WEFUNK !!!!!
Timo Sep 20, 2019
WEFUNK !! The shows of the shows !!
thank you guys for these fantastic stuff !!! rock rock on !!!

funk yeah Sep 20, 2019
Congrats on the 1000 shows guys, have been listening for a decade since I was a junior in high school.
Tea cup Sep 19, 2019
Great show and congrats! Much respect to Lord Jazz, but that yelling effect in his set needs to go.
Kawika Brah Sep 19, 2019
Congratulations on making 1000 AMAZING shows! I’m a forever fan of WeFunk Radio baby bubba!
Drix Sep 19, 2019
Happy 1000s!!!
WeFunk is now legendary, officially...
Did anyone hear what's the netflix documentary suggested by Static?

Show 1000

WEFUNK steps into the next millennium with our most stacked lineup yet! Featuring a ride through swerving breaks and glorious funk from Nostalgia King founder Skeme Richards, LOTUG legend Lord Jazz working his ginsu cuts on a full grip of raw hip-hop and soul, and a conversation with renaissance man Kool Bob Love from the groundbreaking Stretch & Bobbito show.

Check out Skeme Richards on Mixcloud, DJ Lord Jazz on Soundcloud, and Bobbito Garcia on

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Skeme Richards, Bobbito Garcia, DJ Lord Jazz, Pro-V, Walla P, D-Shade, Ruby Jane, Scramblelock, Frank BLVD, Santiago, Cholo, DJ Solespin / RECORDED July 19, 2019 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • wale oyejide - ibadan sunrise
  • talk (over slum village - hold tight remix instrumental)
  • consequence - rock-n-roll
  • roots - dynamite!
  • q-tip feat. busta rhymes - gettin' up (d.j. scratch remix)
  • rah digga feat. pharoahe monch & lord have mercy - tight (remix)
  • kung fu intro   (start of skeme richards' set)
  • de frank junior & the professional diggit ways - chicken
  • ethiopian brothers - ashadwa
  • great revivers - calibrovka
  • lucid paradise with great revivers - b-boy anthem
  • m-tet - shades of joy
  • white blinds - klapp back
  • pushim - feel it
  • q.a.s.b. - star of love
  • will sessions feat. rickey calloway - that's on you
  • eugene blacknell & the new breed - we've got to live together
  • made in japan band - what it is
  • communicators & black experience band - the road
  • traffic - no through road
  • alex combo - creeping
  • one gram - crazy love   (end of skeme richards' set)
  • talk (over nas - halftime instrumental)
  • interview with bobbito garcia
  • lordjazz intro   (start of lordjazz's set)
  • biz markie - just a friend (blend)
  • stylistics - hurry up this way
  • marvin gaye - i want you
  • k-def - too bad
  • big twins feat. l.m.n.o. - seven fifteen
  • k.r.s.-one - be original
  • lords of the underground - retaliate (remix)
  • village people - y.m.c.a. (swift jazz mix)
  • mr funke - the river (lordjazz remix)
  • c.s.c. funk band - banana bread
  • tall black guy x craig mack - flava in ya ear (remix)
  • tash - clatchet
  • doitall - surrender
  • d.j. cash money & street orchestra - everybody wants to be a d.j.
  • d.j. lordjazz feat. nick javas - plain dealer
  • k.r.s.-one - mic check
  • jeanie smith - jeanine
  • d.j. lordjazz feat. mr funke - say yea (d.j. dister remix)
  • james brown - funky drummer (jorun bombay edit)
  • lords of the underground feat. treach - the music
  • lordjazz outro (over marvin gaye - i want you remix)   (end of lordjazz's set)
  • show 1000 shoutouts (over grover washington jr. - knucklehead)
  • orgone feat. adryon de león - all this love that i'm giving
  • tuxedo - if u want it
  • talk (over sivey - world series)
  • sly & the family stone - family affair (sir dancealot mixdown)
  • young pulse - just my house of love
  • a.p.x. - can't stop us now
  • temu - ready or not

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