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Popcorn Apr 29, 2012
MrWhat101 Apr 19, 2012
THE most amazing radio station and source of the funkiest beats and pieces since - ever! I've lost count how many times show 676 has been played in these deaf ears and it just gets better every time - respect to the WefunkRadio!
ODB Mar 27, 2012
Long life to WeFunk! Thanks for providing only great music! Keep it real!
CMAN Mar 12, 2012
dj takes no requests Mar 5, 2012
YO DJ SIMAHLAK . you KILLED show 676 ! come back and represent-sent . ish was fire . much love from cerritos ca
dj takes no requests Mar 5, 2012
yo this website is THE gem of the internets. is there any of d#WNlo@ding the shows? blessings.
Jordan Mar 5, 2012
WeFunk soundtrack to heliski in Stewart, BC. DEEP and funky'all. Peace.
jason Mar 4, 2012
Funkin' it up in Akron Ohio
Soyasoce Mar 4, 2012
big up from hong kong
we funk all day
we luv ya

BBOYJEDI t.o. Mar 2, 2012
Nuff respect wefunk from the Bombshelter T.O.
BBOYJEDI t.o. Mar 2, 2012
I see GASR
onedollar Mar 2, 2012
genius radio that delivers the true funk! thanks so much, kiss from la france
Alexandr Mar 1, 2012
Keep funking, hi from Russia, St. Petersburg
GASR Feb 29, 2012
Dionne Warwick - Youre Gonna Need Me... Sean Price sampled that for "Stop" thanks for enlightening woulda been nice to hear somewhere down the list tho..Peace . VLTS WC BSF
AfroX Feb 28, 2012
Another amazing show! WeFunk continues to funk better with age...
funkitaly Feb 27, 2012
big show 676!!!see yeahhh C I A O from Salento,Italy!!!
ed powers Feb 26, 2012
illy show like always. from upstate NY FWORD records tuning in for the funkiest of that funk....big ups to groove and static. keep doin your damn thang brothas!!!!
Homs420 Feb 26, 2012
so awaited!!!!! yesssssssssssss.....

Show 676

DJ Simahlak takes us on a wild ride through funk roughness from Chris Joss and Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, classic breaks by Baby Huey and Eric Burdon, grimy cuts from Madlib and Maffew Ragazino, and homegrown hip hop by Fatski and 4th Pyramid. Plus soulful boogie & disco from King Floyd and Player's Association, percolating funk by Louie Ramirez and Chet Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers, and a Raekwon/Magictones sample moment.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Simahlak / RECORDED January 27, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • blak twang - so rotten
  • talk (over j-live - wax paper instrumental)
  • j-live - wax paper
  • redman - that's how it is (it's like that)
  • raekwon feat. method man & ghostface killah - new wu
  • magictones - i've changed
  • shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - spooky street   (start of simahlak's 1st set)
  • chris joss - we got some
  • chris joss - keep on digging
  • three sounds - repeat after me
  • shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - westenders
  • dionne warwick - you're gonna need me
  • eric burdon - magic mountain
  • funk factory - rien ne va plus
  • gerhard narholz - u.f.o. invasion
  • chris joss - sharfro
  • baby huey - hard times   (end of simahlak's 1st set)
  • king floyd - body english
  • johnny otis show feat. barbara morrison - hey boy! i want ya'
  • players association - we're almost there
  • maxx traxx - don't touch it!
  • jerry knight - she's got to be (a dancer)
  • willie evans jr. - introducin'   (start of simahlak's 2nd set)
  • maffew ragazino - black sheep
  • slick rick - need some bad
  • action bronson - shiraz
  • mr. muthafuckin' exquire feat. despot, das racist, danny brown & el-p - huzzah! (remix)
  • random axe - chewbacca
  • 4th pyramid - webslinger   (produced by simahlak)
  • madlib feat. inspectah deck & raekwon - speaking real words / firewater (remix)
  • j. dilla - bup ba bup bup ba ba ba
  • fatski - word, sound, power, energy
  • jay dee - fuck the police
  • darondo - didn't i (trishes remix)   (end of simahlak's 2nd set)
  • joe thomas - soul sermon
  • chet ivey & his fabulous avengers - when love comes home
  • bobby byrd - keep on doin' what you're doin'
  • louie ramirez - do it any way you wanna
  • talk (over yuji ohno - take a chance!, saravah soul - supersossego instrumental)
  • mr president feat. mr day - meet again (b-boys edit)

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