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Okayfred May 5, 2012
Thaks a lot us for reply. I found my treasure!!
jvgraph May 1, 2012
Ohh hell yeah thanks again Groove. I'll for sure be listing to the stream every Friday night.
Professor Groove May 1, 2012
@jvgraph: Not sure about iHeartRadio, but our Friday night show streams live on
jvgraph Apr 30, 2012
Thanks Groove and I have one more question. Could I hear the live show on Friday nights via iHeartRadio?
Professor Groove Apr 16, 2012
The intro was produced for us by Scott C. The main sample is "Danger Zone" by Midnight Express.
jvgraph Apr 12, 2012
Hey OkayFred the intro song is "Big Footin" . I asked the same question two comments back. But I think Groove switches up the beat because I found the track but it sounds different. Still looking for the same sound...
OkayFred Mar 26, 2012
Hi DJ's,
OMG each time the best show i've never heard!!!
Plz what the name of SOUND on intro, Parliament ok but the sound where u are digg this amazing track!!!
Thx and big up for ur radio!!!!

CheebaCheeba Mar 15, 2012
Damn! Great to hear my hometown boy Pump kill it again on the Common mix. Hard to believe it's been 15 years since he was makin' waves in the DMC as a teenage turntablist.
DJ Static Mar 13, 2012
Parliament "Big Footin"?
jvgraph Mar 12, 2012
Hey Groove... I've been listing to archived shows and can't find this one track that you have used in the intro. The rhythm line say's "I know what you can do let us lay some funk on you". Do you know what show itÂ’s on or the name of the track so I can do some digging? My son has been asking me to play the song for him, thanks.
aLEX IN MONTREAL Mar 7, 2012
This show is my life
kawikabrown Mar 6, 2012
The transition from Albert Jones' Mother Nature & Common's They Say is sooooo fly & spot on...I swear I saw the room change colors right in front of my eyes!
Homs420 Mar 6, 2012
Yesssir!!!!!!!! the funk is on...
Yann Mar 6, 2012
The bass in Creative Source sounds familiar (LL Cool J in 'Something Like a Phenomenon)?!?... Another kick-ass show guys!!!
mr_zinga Mar 6, 2012
tut tuut soul train ...

Show 677

Respect! WEFUNK pays tribute to funk legend Jimmy Castor, Soul Train's visionary Don Cornelius, and Chi-town hip hop ambassador Common (courtesy of Calgary's DJ Pump). Plus 2 cuts off Sadat X's classic debut LP "Wild Cowboys," an original Artifacts reunion over Illmind production, and funk classics from Mandrill, Rufus and Hank Ballard.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED February 3, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • jimmy castor bunch - troglodyte (cave man)
  • talk (over jimmy castor bunch - it's just begun instrumental)
  • jimmy castor bunch - e-man boogie
  • jimmy castor bunch - a groove will make you move
  • jimmy castor bunch - bertha butt boogie
  • common - resurrection '09   (start of d.j. pump's common set)
  • common - the 6th sense (d.j. pump rmx)
  • common - be
  • albert jones - mother mature
  • common - they say
  • common - real people
  • caesar frazier - sweet children
  • common sense - i used to love h.e.r.
  • common - invocation
  • common sense - breaker 1/9
  • common - dooinit (d.j. pump remix)
  • hi-tek feat. common - sun god (d.j. pump remix)
  • common - funky for you
  • common sense - soul by the pound
  • common sense - puppy chow   (end of d.j. pump's common set)
  • o'jays - give the people what they want
  • isley brothers - tell me when you need it again
  • hank ballard & the midnight lovers - from the love side
  • mandrill - fencewalk
  • staple singers - respect yourself
  • creative source - who is he and what is he to you
  • roots - grits
  • kwest tha madd lad - lubrication
  • sadat x. - stages & lights
  • sadat x. - wild cowboys
  • cypress hill - i wanna get high
  • rufus & chaka khan - have a good time
  • ike & tina turner - i want to take you higher
  • hamilton bohannon - the stop and go
  • mandrill - peck ya neck
  • lyn collins - fly me to the moon
  • el da sensei feat. rah digga & tame one - everyday in the street (illmind remix)
  • rah digga - tight
  • planet asia - place of birth
  • talk (over i.v. the polymath - lions)
  • yah supreme - live at the improv

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