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Show 918

Show 918: Frank BLVD plunges into lesser-known New Jack partystarters by Suavé, Babyface, Shomari, Paul Laurence and many more. Plus a royal marriage on Jorun Bombay's "Pretty Young Soul Thang", unreleased Rakim heat, quintessential Sean P on "Rap Professor", and disco delights from Freeez and Sylvester.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Alan

Show 710

Show 710: Ten tons of drums: Frank BLVD gives the drummer some with funk breaks by Wilbur "Bad" Bascomb, Andre Ceccarelli, Charly Antolini, George Semper, Can, Big John Hamilton and more. Plus grimy 90s selections from Al'Tariq and Grav, new & old funk flips by Osaka Monaurail and Erlon Chaves, a P-Funk double shot, and hydraulicized trunk beats from X Clan, Xzibit and edIT.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Alan

Show 703

Show 703: DJ Majess takes us back to the 80s old school with lots of classic funk, boogie and deeper cuts from Carol Williams, Jeanette "Lady" Day, Fatback, Komiko, The Little Dabs and more. Plus some fat vocoder funk from Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble, back-to-back classics from Ice Cube and Das EFX, and the return of Necro with "Rough Jew" tactics from his latest LP.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Majess, Frank BLVD, Alan, Adrian

Show 657

Show 657: WEFUNK Reunion: DJ Static is back in the studio for a special session with Professor Groove, featuring funk favorites from Fatback & Dennis Coffey, soul shouters by Bettye Scott & Barbara Randolph, and hiphop-meets-reggae on tracks by Kardinal Offishall, Guerilla Black and Tribe Called Quest.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Solespin, Alan

Show 653

Show 653: Ruby Jane gets down "On the One" with a taste of California funk and some boogie treats for funk dancers, featuring tracks from Dam-Funk, 2Pac, Marlena Shaw & Lamont Dozier. Plus: Shanghai-based AM444 blends soulful vocals with futuristic beats, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band throws down fat tuba funk, and the disco group Sting serves a slice of pure "Pleasure".
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Ruby Jane, Scramblelock, Alan

Show 613

Show 613: Heavyweight 80s Crates: Frank BLVD is back with lots more dusty synth funk & lost hip hop gems from Gordon Dewitty, Shadow, Unique & Dashan, Panache, Ed O.G. & The Bulldogs and more. Plus the first single from Pharoahe Monch's new album "R.A.W." (produced by Diamond D), and energetic funk & soul from the Haggis Horns and Mandrill.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Solespin, Alan, Karen, Scramblelock

Show 595

Show 595: Frank BLVD digs up dusty heat for the 80s funk freaks, plus lots of golden age hip hop from the days of drum breaks & funk loops: Glass, Omni, Sun, Biz Markie, The Dismasters, Life-N-Def, Chill Rob G and much more. Del delivers a heavy slice of funk on "Simple Satisfaction," Lou Piensa recounts Nomadic escapades on "Catch Me" with Think Twice & David Rhysphan, and Kool & The Gang's "Funky Granny" pulls on her yellow hot pants & purple boots and shows how it's done.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Adrian, Alan

Show 471

Show 471: Frank BLVD dives deep into hip-hop's '84-'92 golden era with choice cuts and remixes from UTFO, Lord Finesse, EPMD, Kool G Rap and more. Plus US Warren's proto-D&B, Leon's Creation's Sly prequel, and dancefloor fire from Zebra.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Alan, Adrian

Show 416

Show 416: Dusting off some old ish: the Rascalz' 1st single, the slept on classic posse cut "Don't Curse" (plus the original sample), and live James Brown from the "Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire. New heat from Eulorhythmics, Toronto's Rhythmicru, and Montreal's Chango Family.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Alan, Frank BLVD

Show 400

Show 400: 400th WeFunk show featuring lots of party jams for the poppers & lockers, a blazing DJ Static ol skool set, plus live rhymes, beatbox and trumpet.
DJs & Guests: Professor Groove, DJ Static, Nesha, Butta Beats, Funky Chef, Blackbird, Alan, Frank BLVD, Fon, Tony Ezzy, Think Twice, Nadine

Show 347

Show 347: Featuring an interview with Cameo's Larry Blackmon and a special Cameo set by DJ Devious.
DJs & Guests: DJ Static, Professor Groove, DJ Devious, Alan, Frank Boulevard
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